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Green Jewel Bug Place: Gnanabharathi Campus, Bengaluru  Chrysocoris purpureus,Geotagged,India,Summer,closeup,details,gnanabharathi,insect,macro Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

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  1. Superb shot, Ganesh! Posted 10 months ago
    1. Thank you Fredy Posted 10 months ago
  2. It could be a Chrysocoris sp. but I am not sure if it is Chrysocoris stollii or not. Do you have a top view to see the pattern of the spots?

    I hope Pudding4brains will take a look. See comments under this photo.
    Chrysocoris andamanensis, Battaramulla Sri Lanka  Chrysocoris,Chrysocoris stollii,Hemiptera,Heteroptera,Insects,Jewel Bug,Scutelleridae,Shield backed bug,Sri Lanka,animal,animals,insect

    Here is a key to some of the species found in India.
    Posted 10 months ago, modified 10 months ago
    1. Unfortunately I don't have the top view. However, there were other photographers with me while I took this shot, let me check if I could get any :)
      Posted 10 months ago
  3. There is a mistake in the article above. The numbering of the pronotum drawings is wrong. There is no (3e) in the legend so (3e) is C. patricius, (3f) C. pulchellus, (3g) C. purpureus, (3h) C. stockerus and (3i) C. stollii in the same order as the scutellum drawings and as listed in the descriptions. There is no drawing (3j).

    However, according to this description Chrysocoris stockerus has 5 black spots on the pronotum and 7 black spots on the scutellum.
    On the next page the description for C. stollii is 6 black spots on the pronotum and 8 black spots on the scutellum.
    Both figures 44 - C. stockerus and 45 - C. stollii are here

    It seems that C. purpureus and C. stockerus were mixed up. In this book the description of C. stockerus above is listed under C. purpureus while there is another one for C. stockerus.

    I guess this is Chrysocoris purpureus and it looks like this one.

    Do you have another angle of this one too?
    Jewel_Bug Jewel Bug Bugs,Fall,Geotagged,India,Macro,wild,wildlife
    Posted 9 months ago, modified 9 months ago

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Chrysocoris purpureus is a species of brightly-colored shield-backed jewel bug found in Asia.

Similar species: True Bugs
Species identified by WildFlower
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Uploaded Sep 13, 2017. Captured Sep 9, 2017 08:33 in 5, 15th Cross Road, MTS Layout, Gnanabharathi, Stage II, Kengeri Satellite Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560060, India.
  • NIKON D7100
  • f/14.0
  • 1/30s
  • ISO100
  • 105mm