Embed Momella lakes, Tanzania - mega panorama

Momella lakes, Tanzania - mega panorama When you're looking at this photo from the JungleDragon photo page, you may wonder what is so mega about this photo. Well, the original of this photo is a whopping 30,000 pixels wide. Viewing and experiencing it properly requires some instructions:

1. Make sure you are a JungleDragon member, and be signed in
2. Open this photo fullscreen by clicking on it
3. Click the "HD" button in the top and wait for the original to load, it may take a while
4. Use your mouse wheel to zoom

Zooming is actually cut off at 5 x magnification, the image has far more detail than what you see even at the maximum zoom level. I will soon fix this in the new JungleDragon version. Note that your browser may significantly slow down or even crash when the original is loaded, depending on your machine. 

Anyway, this is a 15-image (each 36 MP) panorama of Momella Lakes, Tanzania. Each of the three lakes are visible. In the original you can zoom in as far as to see the thousands of flamingos gathering at the edges of the lakes.

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