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Ladybird  Australia,Fall,Geotagged,Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata,ladybird beetle Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Looks like it :) Posted 17 days ago
    1. Or is it Variable ladybird - Coelophora inaequalis Posted 4 days ago
      1. Hmm. Not sure...This would be a good question for Arp (pudding4brains). Posted 4 days ago
        1. Arp - Harmonia conformis Posted 4 days ago
          1. Howdy, it´s neither Coe.ine. nor Har.con. but an Epilachninae, so the first hunch (E.28p) is probably right...
            That said, the Epilachninae and especially the likes of E. 28puntata, E. 26punctata and E.sumbana have a long and confusing history of naming, which is in large part due to the patterns being very, very variable. Today, this has resolved to a situation where 26p most commonly has 28 spots and 28p and sumbana most of the time have 26 spots. In the end, the spot patterns are an iffy indicator of species.
            It is best to look at the genitalia, or other microscopic details, but lacking that a good very straight on dorsal shot for the shape of the beetle also tends to help.
            I would leave this one at vigintioctopunctata for now (I think it is, but my gut-feeling on Aussie species is not very well developed), but next time do remember to get that full dorsal shot too ;o)
            Cheers, Arp
            P.S. Please also note that internationally there is still ongoing discussion/confusion about naming these either in genus Epilachna or Henosepilachna - I have no proper solution for that - choose either one. People will know what you mean.
            Posted 3 days ago, modified 3 days ago

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Uploaded Apr 1, 2021. Captured Mar 31, 2021 15:18 in Glenlevett, 103E Elderslie Road, Branxton NSW 2335, Australia.
  • NIKON D7100
  • f/29.0
  • 1/250s
  • ISO2500
  • 105mm