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Oenopia impustulata - Dorsal Some nine years ago, in 2011, I had a chance to shoot images of the rare Oenopia impustulata and its development, thanks to Lo Troisfontaine who kindly sent me a female that deposited some eggs in her "flight case". At the time I had just bought a new camera because my old trusty 4Mpx Olympus 480u had (mostly) died on me. The Canon 100SX I bought proved to be a total waste of good money and I have never had the stomach to work through the series of images of this rare species that I shot with that camera as every single image just adds and adds to the frustration. Last week someone asked me if I really didn't have images of the imago, so I manned up and worked through the series. Well ... might as well dump the meager results here as well than...

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