Embed Cryptophilus propinquus - Lateral

Cryptophilus propinquus - Lateral A little over 2mm. Often confused with Cryptophagidae, sometimes classified as family Languriidae or even in its own family Cryptophildae, nowadays mostly listed as part of the Erotylidae.
Used to be identified as Cryptophilus integer, but this species was split by Esser (2016). He studied the type of integer and concluded that this was conspecific with Micrambe abietis (Cryptophagidae), so he (eventually) split the old "integer" in two species: Cryptophilus angustus and C. propinquus.
My ID of this one as C. propinquus is based mostly on the shape of the pronotum, which is not a 100% clear character due to individual variability, but this one seems to be clearly enough in the propinquus-range imho.
Same beetle more dorsally:
Some close-ups of ID-ing details:

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