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  1. Hello,

    I don't see a forum category for garden critters, beyond insects, so I may not be posting in the correct area. I photographed this critter crawling along a RR tie in our garden. He had the antennae of a snail, but was not in a shell. Then, the next day, I saw this shell in the soil at the edge of the tie, but am now baffled. I know nothing of snails, grubs and the like, so asked my gardening sister-in-law in St. Louis, and she was clueless as well. Can anyone tell me if the shell was once home to the critter? I leaned the shell on a support so that the corkscrew-like shell opening would show up well in the photo...

    Please Help.

    Thanks !

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    Replied one year ago, modified one year ago
  2. Hi.. from your pictures on I'd say it's a common keeled slug and unrelated snail shell. Replied one year ago
  3. Here are a few species of slugs found in North America. They can be similar.
    Replied one year ago

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