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  1. I think I flipped through the whole section on Longhorn beetles on BugGuide looking for something that looks like this
    Black beetle with a depressed head I feel like I should be able to narrow this one down - it's got that odd indented head shape... but I can't seem to find anything. Beetle experts? Geotagged,Spring,United States

    I thought the funky head shape with the antenna in a depression might help me start to narrow it down, but I couldn't find a thing.. - any insect specialists out there have an idea where I can start searching that is a little more narrow than Coleoptera?
    Replied 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
  2. This one looks similar but there are several species and the differences are not so obvious.
    Replied 2 years ago
  3. Aha! - indeed that definitely looks like the little guy. I'd say there's two species that look the most likely and occur here. I can't see anything that differentiates the two right away, but I'll study them. Replied 2 years ago

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