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  1. As I promissed Ferdy in a comment on this photo:
    Oiceoptoma noveboracense This beetle is one of the many little critters finishing off what was left of a white-tailed deer.<br />
So much of the insides of the deer had been eaten away that, when I first saw it, I thought somebody had left a costume of some sort on the ground. It wasn't until I got a little closer that I realized it was a deer carcass. Animal,Arthropod,Beetle,Carrion Beetle,Coleoptera,Geotagged,Insect,Mendon Ponds County Park,Nature,New York State,Oiceoptoma,Oiceoptoma noveboracense,Rochester,Silphidae,Spring,United States,United States of America

    Here is an album on Flickr showing a bunch of these beetles and their meal, a deceased white-tailed deer:
    (Warning: most will not find these photos very pleasant)

    There are also photos of a second deer carcass, without any beetles (at least none that I saw).

    I didn't see any living deer in the park, unfortunately. One of my coworkers was there with his family too, and he said they saw a family of them, but they looked very hungry. The winter must have been a bad one for the deer in Mendon Ponds.
    Replied 4 years ago

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