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  1. Today is Earth Day! It's a global event that reminds us of our obligation to take care of our planet, to appreciate nature, to celebrate progress, to recommit, and to strive to do better. We all know what the issues are. Pollution. Extinction. Habitat loss. Climate change. Nothing on Earth is untouched. It's dire, complex, and potentially crippling. Earth Day is not just a day of remembrance. It's a day with meaning. It represents the future. The future for ourselves, our children, humanity, and the Earth. Let us use this day to commit to do better. Earth Day is a day to decide what the legacy of humanity will be.

    The 2019 Earth Day theme is: Protect our Species. Humans have upset the balance of nature. One of our biggest failures is the excessive loss of species on our planet. It's a heart-wrenching problem that won't go away and cannot be ignored. The biodiversity and health of our planet hangs in the balance. This is a catastrophe in which we are fighting not just for wildlife, but for our very own survival. It's a problem that spans countries, cultures, and oceans.

    Wildlife diversity is crucial for a healthy planet as it ensures ecosystem resilience. The earth is a living planet, and it is a fragile system. All of the living creatures on earth have intrinsic value, with every single one playing a role in the web of life. We cannot wreak havoc on our planet and not expect dire consequences to follow. We ignore this simple truth at our own peril.

    The solution is action. Kick apathy to the curb. Every action counts. Choose a place to start. Do one thing. Even small changes make a difference! Don't doubt it. Collectively, we can make a huge impact in ensuring that the irreplaceable wealth of nature is safeguarded. The challenges of wildlife conservation may seem insurmountable, but they are not.

    So, exactly how can the average person "protect out species"? Here are some ideas to get started...Learn how to be a responsible consumer. Reduce your waste production. Be a responsible tourist. Don't litter. Pick up trash, even if it isn't yours. Buy less stuff. Recycle. Reduce your energy consumption. Don't use single-use plastics. Don't waste water. Carpool. Plant a tree. Plant native plants. Turn off the lights. Use reusable shopping bags. Compost. Don't use pesticides. Train your children to be good stewards. Share your actions to help educate and inspire others. Regardless of the outcome, don't give up because the Earth and its creatures are too precious to squander. What is our living planet worth to you? By working together, we can protect the species of this incredible planet. It's not too late, but sadly that won't always be true. Do your part—not just today, but everyday. #JungleDragon

    **You may recognize the video and it is indeed being reused from World Wildlife Conservation Day because it perfectly fits the theme for Earth Day 2019, which is "Protect Our Species".
    Replied 5 months ago, modified 4 months ago
  2. Christine, exceptional writing, such an inspiring and touching narrative. Thank you so much, as always! Replied 5 months ago
  3. Thanks Ferdy :) Replied 4 months ago

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