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  1. Lisa has posted a lovely naturescapes slideshow on JungleDragon's Facebook page! Here's the youtube link:

    Post from Facebook:

    Today, we want to focus on just a handful of captivating scenic photographs submitted by JungleDragon users from around the world. Don't be surprised if you find yourself falling even further in love with our Mother Earth!

    1. Bring in the Night (sunset in the Arizona desert) by Stephen Philips

    Bring in the Night Since this image has a couple of fantastic Saguaros cactus admiring the sunset in the Arizona desert I thought I would sneak it into JD.  Fall,Geotagged,United States,cactus,desert,desert-scapes,night sky,saguaro,stars,sunset

    2. Mount Adams Wildflowers, Pacific Crest Trail, US by morpheme

    Mount Adams Wildflowers View from the Pacific Crest Trail. Bigleaf Lupine,Geotagged,Lupinus polyphyllus,United States

    3. Erica Moorlands of Ethiopia by DanielNelson

    Erica Moorlands The strange Erica Moorlands photographed in Bale National Park, Ethiopia Ethiopia,Fall,Geotagged

    4. Double Rainbow at Midnight in Fairbanks, Alaska by Hans Kokx

    Double Rainbow at Midnight in Fairbanks, Alaska Fairbanks, AK -- midnight in July.  There was a gorgeous double rainbow (actually, a quadruple rainbow, but by time I grabbed my camera, some of it had disappeared.) Alaska,Geotagged,Natural events,Summer,Tsuga heterophylla,United States,midnight,nature,rainbow,trees

    5. Jordan Valley Wildflowers by Ori Fragman Sapir

    Echium judaeum Wonderful spring displays of Echium judaeum in the Jordan Valley. Echium judaeum,Geotagged,Winter

    6. Etosha Waterhole Scene, Okaukeujo, Namibia by Barry

    Etosha Waterhole Scene The title says it all and features: Springbok, Zebras, and Blacksmith Plovers - and a turtle if you look closely. Antidorcas marsupialis,Geotagged,Namibia,Spring,Springbok,etosha,namibia

    7. Lupine at Sunset - Paradise Meadows, Mt. Rainier by morpheme

    Lupine at Sunset - Paradise Meadows, Mt. Rainier  Geotagged,Lupinus arcticus,Summer,United States

    8. Bundula Wetlands of Sri Lanka by fchristant

    Bundula wetlands Typical wetland scenery from Bundula, Sri Lanka. It is a major attraction to all kinds of birds, and a favorite place for birders. There are no leopards here, making it a relatively peaceful park, also for the animal inhabitants. Most guides will still not let you of the jeep though, due to crocodiles. Asia,Bundula,Sri Lanka

    9. Mount Whitney through Mobius Arch, Long Pine, California, US by Yael Orgad

    Mount Whitney through Mobius Arch taken from the Mobius Arch in Alabama Hills, I guess this is a classic and there are millions of shots just like this - but it really is amazing, to look at Mount Whitney (the highest point at the "lower 48" in the US) through this arch.  Alabama Hills,California,Geotagged,Mobius arch,Spring,United States

    10. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia by Patomarazul

    Plitvice Lakes, Croatia Situated in the mountainous karst area of central Croatia, is a UNESCO World heritage registered National Park. Croatia,Geotagged,Plitvice Lakes,Spring
    Replied 6 months ago, modified 6 months ago
  2. Excellent! What stunning landscapes. Sometimes I have this idea that it is covering multiple planets, it's so diverse. Replied 6 months ago
  3. I agree! I love looking at Lisa's Naturescapes list for this reason. Replied 6 months ago
  4. It's an awesome list for sure!
    PS: It looks like the copying/pasting from FB truncated the URLs, which breaks the preview. I restored the URLs.
    Replied 6 months ago
  5. Thanks Ferdy! I was wondering why only one image showed up! *computer illiterate* Replied 6 months ago
  6. Nah, it's Facebook, really. It randomly truncates long URLs. Facebook can't handle text. Or photos. Or anything, really :) Replied 6 months ago
  7. Haha, so true! Replied 6 months ago

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