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  1. From today's post on Facebook:

    What's more important? Speed? Opportunity? Stamina? Ritual? Attraction? Offering a gift? Stealth? Pheromones? Deceit? Love? The natural world is full of weird, fascinating, endearing, and even alarming mating rituals. The specifics vary between species, and can include the male giving gifts, performing a dance, or simply dominating the female. However they do "it", the goal is always the same: reproduction. One thing is for sure though, mating in nature really is wild. In honor of Valentine's Day, we hope you enjoy this video of creatures in nature who are clearly, "in love"! #JungleDragon

    Replied 6 months ago, modified 6 months ago
  2. Hah, love this video and post. Well done, must have taken a lot of work to assemble this compilation! Replied 6 months ago
  3. Thanks Ferdy! It's always fun though! I wish it had music, but Dave was busy and is already preparing 2 other songs for upcoming JD videos <3. Replied 6 months ago
  4. Oh, looking forward to that! I tripple-checked on this video whether it was my computer having an audio issue. I can totally understand though how much effort it must be to produce custom music! Replied 6 months ago
  5. Yeah, it's a lot of work, but he loves to compose. The silence is weird, after getting used to having music to the other videos! Replied 6 months ago

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