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  1. I spent the last 6 months following, interviewing and sometimes helping (carry stuff for) a team of scientists in order to understand their activities. I was truly amazed at the depth and breadth of their research, commitment and success. Here is my mini-documentary, I hope you enjoy it! Research like this needs to continue, before research and adaptation turns into crisis management!

    Access to water has always been a pressing issue for far too many people around the world, but as our populations and demand increases, the question of how and where all of us will get water from is becoming critical for everyone.

    You can see it here:
    Replied 2 years ago, modified one year ago
  2. Very well produced, John, you're a very talented film maker! Replied 2 years ago
  3. My Documentary (above) have been selected for the International Science Film Festival, and will be screened at the event later this week! :)
    Replied 2 years ago
  4. Congrats, John!
    Keep up the great work :)
    Replied 2 years ago
  5. I'll do my best. :) Replied 2 years ago
  6. Great Work John.. Keep it up Replied one year ago

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