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  1. One for Ferdy to keep an eye open for, Acisoma attenboroughi.

    It has been photographed before, but under the name Acisoma panorpoides Rambur, 1842. So, be the first to publish a photo under the correct name :)

    Replied 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
  2. englishindiangirlenglishindiangirl mentioned she will be visiting Madagascar soon so maybe she will find one.

    It is a beatiful dragonfly - a nice birthday present and a dedication well diserved. I've been watching his documentaries for as long as I can remember and I am still enjoying them now. I just watched an episode of the new series about the Great Barrier Reef last night. I cannot help but admire his enthusiasm and energy at this age.

    Replied 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
  3. Certainly one of my heroes, I watched a ten part series only a few weeks ago.

    Sure, he isn't the one doing the research. He comes in at the end and does the presentation. BUT, he put bugs, butterflies and wildlife firmly on the map, and so has probably done more for conservation than anyone.

    Thank you Sir Dave

    Replied 3 years ago
  4. Thanks for sharing, Dave! We were actually thinking of a 3rd visit to Madagascar, problem is we've covered all major parks by now. That of course isn't to say there's nothing more to discover, but that alternatives are luring :)

    I can only share your love and respect for Attenborough. His voice is so comforting in nature documentaries that I get upset when somebody else narrates. I hope he has many more years to go.
    Replied 3 years ago
  5. A research ship and now a dragonfly for his birthday - what an embarrassment of riches :p Replied 3 years ago
  6. All I got was a pair of socks, and I don't wear socks!

    Replied 3 years ago
  7. It's a nice homage. And, like Wildflower said, a beautiful dragonfly, too :) Sir David Attenborough is one of the main responsible for, I believe, our enthusiasm for the natural world, and for Nature, in all aspects. And all homages are good to receive while we are still here. That's the reason why I remember so many others that did their share to transmit scientific knowledge, not only for experts, at lunch time, while we were sitting in front of the tv screen to see all sort of wild animals, from all around the globe, sharing their fascinating mysteries with us, the same creatures that were beautifully photographed in those two magistral, beautiful books... During Saturday lunch I had, and still have, Sir David Attenborough, and on Sunday lunch I had another brilliant personality, another special Naturalist, that unfortunately died at age of 52, in his 52nd birthday. He's passion for wild life was also very special, unique. Therefore, forgive me, but one thing led to another, homaging the living, remembering the dead, here it stays as tribute:

    'Man is not an alien species that came form a distant galaxy; Mankind is a poem built with the fabric of dawn, with the colors of flowers, with the chants of the birds, with the howl of a wolf or with a roar of a lion. Mankind will perish when the vital balance of the planet that supports also ends. Man should love and respect Earth as he loves and respects his own Mother.' Félix Rodriguez de La Fuente.

    Thank you Sir David Attenborough*

    Cheers, Dave!
    Replied 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
  8. RMF - well said, poetic too.

    Replied 3 years ago

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