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  1. Nothing too fancy... just combining clips from a few different videos to reduce the "stare at nothing for a minute or two while the birds hide in the trees" downtime in between the short bursts of action, while still keeping the video a decent length.

    The feedback given to @JohnR ( ) helped influenced some of my decisions (like actually bringing my tripod along, and not bothering with transition animations), as well as give me some extra encouragement to actually do some more filming.

    All of it was done with the YouTube video editor. Thankfully, there was enough background noise that I could just use the audio from one of my longer videos without worrying about it perfectly lining up with the video - that made things a lot easier on me.
    Replied 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
  2. Great work... :) Replied 4 years ago
  3. Really cool to see your progress, Joe. I think it shows that with a few basic tips (don't move a camera, keep transitions to a minimum) a video looks tons more professional from the average amateur video. Well done! Replied 4 years ago

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