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  1. (please read this entire post if you intend to participate in the contest)

    Dear all,

    Hereby I am opening the December contest early on. This contest will run from today (Nov 27 2015) until December 30 2015 (not 31!). We have 3 interesting cash prizes set up for the winners:


    1. 100$ - Best wildlife photo award
    Awarded to the best wildlife photo submitted during the contest period. This prize is decided by jury. Community input such as votes and favorites will matter but are not necessarily decisive.

    2. 100$ - Species pioneer
    Existing members of JungleDragon know that this site is all about finding and identifying species on wildlife photos. We constantly try to expand the number of photographed species on the site. This prize is awarded to the person having the largest species impact during the contest period, where these things matter:

    - The number of new species you have introduced (quantity)
    - The value of the new species you have introduced, for example a rare bird or marine species may be perceived as more valuable compared to a beetle, although both are welcome.
    - The location of the species you have introduced, meaning that if you contribute species from a country for which we have few photos yet, it will be considered extra valuable.
    - How you behave regarding species identification. Desired behavior is to research species well, educate others by sharing meaningful additional info, and to even help with the identification of species on the photos of others.

    All of these factors will be taken into account, the prize is to be awarded by jury.

    3. 50$ - Community hero
    This prize is awarded for the person that is most helpful in the community. This means that you have a chance to win a prize even if you do not have photos to contribute. Helpful community behavior includes species identification, welcoming members, stimulating conservation, being a constructive and positive force in the community overall. This prize is awarded by jury.

    The winner of the above awards will be announced in this forum soon after the closing of the contest. It is best to subscribe to the forum to get an automatic notification. Additional rules:

    - You must confirm participation in the contest (explained below)
    - You can only win a maximum of one award
    - Do not create multiple accounts
    - Prize money is wired by either IBAN bank transfer or Paypal, make sure you have these payment options in place
    - The contest is open to all, no matter your age or nationality, as long as you consider the payment rule above
    - In the case of fraud, manipulation or the misuse of JungleDragon, the administrator is entitled to optimize the contest conditions to ensure fair play
    - JungleDragon staff (me) is excluded from the contest

    Any photos you contribute to the contest are subject to the following rules. Read these carefully, failing to comply with these rules may mean your contribution does not count:

    1. You must be the copyright owner of the photos you submit, meaning you took the photo. Stealing photos will lead to disqualification and a ban.

    2. Your photos must be on topic. This is a wildlife photography website, and so is this contest. Do NOT post photos of people, objects or buildings. They will be deleted. Allowed: photos of natural landscapes, animals, plants and fungi in the wild, in zoos, and in your garden. Pet photos are not allowed.

    3. Do not dump photos. For each photo, you are expected to describe it with a title, location, and species identification. On this site we share photos with care. The following article explains how:

    4. Do not share large series of near-duplicates. Instead, select a few best ones of the spotting, and share those.

    5. Post a minimum resolution of 1024 pixels at the longest edge, higher is better.

    By contributing your photos to the contest, we do not claim any ownership of them. Your photos remain yours. You simply grant us the right to display them on this website, and sometimes JungleDragon's related channels (such as our Twitter account). Your name as copyright holder is always displayed as part of the photo being shown.

    1. If you are not yet a member of JungleDragon, create an account by joining here:

    2. Confirm your participation in the contest by posting a reply to the thread you are currently reading.

    3. Carefully read all the rules outlined above. Next, learn how to properly share photos on JungleDragon here:

    4. Start contributing. Just use the "Upload" button in the global navigation bar.

    5. After your photo is uploaded, go into each photo and add meaningful context such as a title, description, tags, the location, and species, as explained in the "How to share photos" article. Failing to do so will mean your photo will be ignored, or you will have moderators all over you.

    Thank you for reading about the contest setup. We're hoping to make it a fair game, where everybody stands a chance to win, whilst also having fun and learning about nature. Good luck to you all. Should you have any further questions about the contest, feel free to reply below.

    Enjoy :)

    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  2. I am in for Participation in December 2015 contest.. Replied 6 years ago
  3. I'm in...., hope I could find some rare species this time. Replied 6 years ago
  4. I'm in Replied 6 years ago
  5. in Replied 6 years ago
  6. How to participate
    Do we have to do anything special or just upload and detail the photos
    Replied 6 years ago
  7. Why not? In for a penny in for a pound. Replied 6 years ago
  8. Great, first 6 six on board, good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  9. @varadbansod: All you need to do is confirm your participation, after that photos you upload within the contest period will count, assuming they meet the other rules. Replied 6 years ago
  10. I will do my best!!!! Replied 6 years ago
  11. I'm in :) Replied 6 years ago
  12. I'm in :) Replied 6 years ago
  13. I am in! Replied 6 years ago
  14. I'm in! Replied 6 years ago
  15. I am in
    Replied 6 years ago
  16. I am in too! :-) Replied 6 years ago
  17. What an awesome idea! Please count me in too Ferdy! Replied 6 years ago
  18. I am in too... Replied 6 years ago
  19. Great job Ferdy - I am in, for sure. But sadly this will be my last from Africa! Next time round I will be participating from the USA !!! Replied 6 years ago
  20. @LivingWild: Welcome on board of the contest! From the USA, do tell? Perhaps start a topic in the campfire forum if you want to share. Replied 6 years ago
  21. I'm in. Replied 6 years ago
  22. Great! I'm in. Replied 6 years ago
  23. I'm in for this contest. Replied 6 years ago
  24. i am in for the participation. Replied 6 years ago
  25. Im In! Replied 6 years ago
  26. Yes Please! Replied 6 years ago
  27. I am in for Participation in December 2015 contest.. Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  28. I'm in for the contest Replied 6 years ago
  29. I am back and ready to be a full-time participant in JD again! I am also joining the contest :) Replied 6 years ago
  30. Count me in for the contest Replied 6 years ago
  31. I am in for the contest. thanks Replied 6 years ago
  32. I am in for this contest. Replied 6 years ago
  33. Hello
    I am in for this contest
    Replied 6 years ago
  34. I am in for Participation in December 2015 contest.. Replied 6 years ago
  35. I'm in, hope I got it right :) Replied 6 years ago
  36. i'm in too for the contest ! new here, hello all Replied 6 years ago
  37. In as well Replied 6 years ago
  38. IN
    Replied 6 years ago
  39. I'm in! :) Replied 6 years ago
  40. I would like to join too Replied 6 years ago
  41. I'm in!! Replied 6 years ago
  42. Hye everyone i'm in Replied 6 years ago
  43. I'm in... 3 safari's planned for this timeframe! :D Replied 6 years ago
  44. I am in... Replied 6 years ago
  45. I am participating in the december 2k15 photography contest! Replied 6 years ago
  46. I'm in Replied 6 years ago
  47. I'm in! Replied 6 years ago
  48. I'm In! Sounds Fabulous. Replied 6 years ago
  49. Im in :) thank you x Replied 6 years ago
  50. I have a question to ask, I participated in the photo contest and uploaded just one photograph and for eg- what if I upload more photos and which photo would be taken into the photo contest consideration. Replied 6 years ago
  51. l'll give it a try:-). Replied 6 years ago
  52. In and posted Replied 6 years ago
  53. I am in. Replied 6 years ago
  54. I am participating! Replied 6 years ago
  55. I am participating Replied 6 years ago
  56. Im in for the competition
    Replied 6 years ago
  57. Im in Replied 6 years ago
  58. I'm In Replied 6 years ago
  59. i'm in. this is best single photo or highest number of contribution (like the may 2015 contest)? Replied 6 years ago
  60. IM IN !!!!! All set to fight!!!! Replied 6 years ago
  61. @nehteah: best photo is simply best photo. But suppose you have 10 awesome photos, it's best to submit all of them, it would increase the odds of one of them being best. There is no reason to hold back in any way for as long as your photos are on topic and comply with some simple rules.

    The 2nd prize is determined by a combination of factors in the species are: quantity, rarity, location, etc.
    Replied 6 years ago
  62. @fchrisant you've got a hard job picking a winner this month there are some excellent shots being uploaded, I wouldn't want to be picking a winner out of that lot. Replied 6 years ago
  63. @Ant: tell me about it, there's absolutely no way to do justice to all! Replied 6 years ago
  64. I agree with Ant, the quality as well as the quantity of photos submitted this month is outstanding, a hard job indeed! I do hope that the newcomers will stick around, there is a great group of fantastic photographers at the moment. I just wish more people would vote. Do you think maybe some people think that the winner will be chosen by the amount of votes? I appreciate that voting is not necessarily that critical, but I feel it is a worthy part of the community feel. Just a thought. Good luck are going to need it!!!! Replied 6 years ago
  65. I am in for the contest, No hoping to win but expect comment to improve my skils. Replied 6 years ago
  66. Thanks and good point, Claire. I too would like to see more votes. I think the low amount of votes may be in the combination of two things:

    - In general only a small percentage of a community is active, the rest just views. This is true in many communities
    - The vote button is easily missed the way it is positioned, I will improve that in the future
    Replied 6 years ago
  67. i am in.. Replied 6 years ago
  68. In it.. Replied 6 years ago
  69. I would like to enter! Replied 6 years ago
  70. I am in Replied 6 years ago
  71. I am entering
    Replied 6 years ago
  72. I am in
    Replied 6 years ago
  73. Hi Definitely up for this Replied 6 years ago
  74. Confirming my participation! Replied 6 years ago
  75. Hi, I am confirming my participation -- thanks! Replied 6 years ago
  76. I am participating in contest and uploaded a photo.
    Thank you
    Replied 6 years ago
  77. I am participating in contest have uploaded photo Replied 6 years ago
  78. Im in! Replied 6 years ago
  79. I'm in! Replied 6 years ago
  80. I think I already signed in but just in case I am in for the contest :-) Replied 6 years ago
  81. Last day and like always doing things on the day. Came here late, new to the site, have made few submissions but consider me in too.

    Replied 6 years ago
  82. Dear all, just to confirm: the contest is now closed. It's been an amazing run, the winners will be announced here soon. Replied 6 years ago
  83. Dear all, the winners are known:

    Thank you all for an amazing contest!
    Replied 6 years ago

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