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  1. hi all,

    JungleDragon's summer contests are 3 contests in a row. Hereby the June contest is closed, and I am announcing the winner of the "best photo" award, granting a 100$ prize. With over a 1,000 photos submitted by several dozen participants, selecting a single winner is hard, but here goes...

    I have assembled a candidate list of top photos here:

    There's 24 of them. They are selected based on these criteria:

    - Technical quality (sharpness, noise, focus, composition, color, light)
    - Interestingness (how unique or creative the photo is, or its species or location)
    - How it is shared (proper title, description, tags, EXIF, species identification and geotags)
    - Community input

    The photos in the list typically score well on multiple, if not all of those criteria. Those 24 really stood out. Selecting one winner from those 24 was very hard, and I consulted a few in my circle to discuss opinions, as this part of the selection is subjective. To make a long story short, this has been decided to be the winning image:

    Relax «Coronella austriaca» | Smooth Snake | Winningen, Germany<br />

<br />
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III<br />

Lens: Sigma 150 mm + EX II = 300 mm

<br />
1/250 Sek<br />

f/13<br />

ISO 800 Coronella austriaca,Geotagged,Germany,Reptiles,Smooth Snake,Snakes,coronella austriaca,smooth snake

    My reasoning for selecting this as the winning image: it is simple and to the point, in a perfectionist kind of way. The composition is perfect, and the scene radiates a kind of peace as if the photographer was not there and we're watching undisturbed wildlife. The color of both the foreground and background blend into each other perfectly, truly complimenting each other. Looking deeper, the subject is lit by subtle, yet beautiful soft light coming from the side. All of these factors lead to the perfection that makes this image so simple yet powerful. Simplicity is a very hard thing to accomplish, even more so amongst a crowd of trained eyes. To add to this, the image is described very well and is interesting. It is a species intro, is geotagged and explained by EXIF.

    Congratulation to "@fl Design"! I shall be contacting you privately to award the prize. And of course thank you to everybody for participating. Even if you did not win, you made beautiful and meaningful contributions to this site. I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope you continue to participate. Speaking of which, hereby some housekeeping and rules regarding next steps:

    - As said, the June contest is now closed.

    - The July contest is hereby open. It will run from now until July 31st

    - The main contest thread is still here, it applies to all 3 contests:

    - If you already confirmed participation on that thread, do not do it again. You are automatically participating in the July and August contests. If you have not confirmed at all, please do confirm on that thread.

    - Only photos submitted from now until July 31st apply to the July contest. Do not repost photos you submitted earlier. Duplicate photos will be deleted.

    Finally, please do read the contest rules in that thread fully. Good luck all!

    Replied 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
  2. An excellent choice of winner, congratulations to FL Design for this, one of many excellent submissions. Well done! Replied 4 years ago
  3. Congrads! v nice pic :) Replied 4 years ago
  4. Thank you all very much :) Replied 4 years ago

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