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  1. Dear all,

    I am proud to announce a brand new JungleDragon photo contest with a cash prize. This concerns the April 2014 contest, which is open now, one day ahead of schedule. Please carefully read the below information if you want to participate.


    1. If you're not yet a member of JungleDragon, join:
    2. Post a comment on this thread to confirm you are participating. Don't forget!
    3. You're in. See below how you can win


    This contest has a single 100 USD cash prize for the winner of the contest. The winner is determined by jury (me) for submitting the best wildlife photo within the contest period and rules. As jury I will take several factors into account including originality, technical quality, context and description, votes, and more. Please read the below contest rules carefully:


    1. Use only one JungleDragon account per person

    2. The contest runs from March 31st - April 30 2014, only submissions between that period apply to the contest. Do not repost submissions you contributed earlier.

    3. Payment to the winner is done via Paypal or IBAN wire only

    4. The normal photo rules apply for this contest:

    - You must be the copyright owner of the image
    - The image must be on topic (wildlife, nature landscapes, animals, plants)
    - Frames and watermarks allowed but keep it reasonable
    - Post a reasonable minimum resolution and image quality. 1024 pixels on the longest edge is a bare minimum, more is encouraged

    5. You are expected to keep your contributions on JungleDragon for all to enjoy after the contest.

    6. Should the interest and amount of contributions in the contest be too small to reasonably select a valid winner, the organizer has the right to change the contest setup or to extend the timeline of the contest.

    7. Any entries submitted by the owner of JungleDragon (me) do not participate in the contest.

    8. And the final rule...good luck and have fun!
    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  2. OK, I am in. Mainly to give me an excuse to go out with the camera! I never seem to have the time these days. Good incentive to get out there!! Replied 6 years ago
  3. Welcome on board, Claire! Good luck, as always. Replied 6 years ago
  4. Lucky you can go out, Claire, and we know you have a wonderful backyard ;)
    I'll try to do my best with what I've got.
    Replied 6 years ago
  5. I'm in oops think I posted my last message in the wrong thread - so now I have found it whoop :) Replied 6 years ago
  6. Welcome on board, Wildflower and Bridget! Replied 6 years ago
  7. I am in and excited to see some phenomenal photos! Good luck everyone! :) Replied 6 years ago
  8. Nice, i am in ;) Replied 6 years ago
  9. Welcome on board, Travis and Ali! Replied 6 years ago
  10. [Removed by Admin due to spam] Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  11. Hi Piczforlife!

    Welcome in the contest!
    Hey, I just took a look at your photo's and had a small remark about 2 of them:
    JungleDragon is wildlife (plants, animals, non-pet) photography only, and your Taj Mahal (wow, how impressive the view might be) and idilic village/boat view are unfortunately off topic. Could you remove these two? We would like to see many many photo's of your hand, but keep the website focus on wildlife.
    Hear from you!
    Replied 6 years ago
  12. Hello to everyone! I`m in! Replied 6 years ago
  13. How do I submit my photo? Replied 6 years ago
  14. @Irina: welcome on board!

    @aqueel: welcome on board. I see you figured out how to upload a photo in the meanwhile. Hereby a reminder to keep them on topic, this is a nature site. Other photos are off topic and will be removed.
    Replied 6 years ago
  15. Count me in. Replied 6 years ago
  16. well happy to be onboard....cheers Replied 6 years ago
  17. Welcome on board @kickin01 and @wildlifeonwalkabout and good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  18. Happy Happy I'm in now :):):) Replied 6 years ago
  19. Hello Ferdy,
    I'm in for the contest. Good Luck everyone onboard.
    Replied 6 years ago
  20. hi all , i like JungleDragon Replied 6 years ago
  21. @lekahuie, @sunil, @hemza: welcome on board, and good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  22. i wnt to be a jungleDragon Replied 6 years ago
  23. i am participating. Replied 6 years ago
  24. Count me in... Replied 6 years ago
  25. i am in Replied 6 years ago
  26. Welcome @Jeetu, @Avinash and @str111 Replied 6 years ago
  27. I'm in! Do I just upload photos on my account or is there somewhere I am suppose to put them? Sorry, I'm new to this website... O.o Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  28. @Samheib: Welcome and good luck. You can just use the upload button in the green header. Photos you upload will automatically be associated with your account. Please do try to describe the photo (title, description, tags) and also try to identify the species on the photo if you know it. If you have any specific questions on how to do such things, let me know. Replied 6 years ago
  29. I would like to participate this would be my first upload hope it goes ok Replied 6 years ago
  30. hai, hope i gonna win ^_^ Replied 6 years ago
  31. here is my pic Replied 6 years ago
  32. @RDodd: welcome on board!

    @Muhammed: Please read the contest rules before you post. This is a nature site, a picture of a building is off topic, therefore I removed it.
    Replied 6 years ago
  33. Count me in, Ferdy. Replied 6 years ago
  34. I am in Replied 6 years ago
  35. Welcome on board @Rick and @MostafaShokry! Replied 6 years ago
  36. I'm in & hope to win... Replied 6 years ago
  37. I'll give it everything I've got! Count me in. Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  38. @MaryJo and @Owen: Welcome on board and good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  39. I'm in! how to do i add my photo(s) to the contest...? Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  40. @saddleback: I think you already found the upload button :) Replied 6 years ago
  41. Please allow me entry to such a competition as this. Replied 6 years ago
  42. @stevendershankar: you're in, good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  43. Thanks so much..I look forward to seeing & sharing...good luck to all... Replied 6 years ago
  44. I will try to make more time to have fun again, so I'm in:) Replied 6 years ago
  45. Welcome Ludo, and good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  46. Thanks, and good luck to all! May you all deserve it more than I do! Replied 6 years ago
  47. Hi Ferdi; count me in.
    I didn't know about a contest until I saw Ludo's comment on the homepage. I finished my photocourse last monday and now I will have time again for animals, landscapes and flowers (in stead of photographing portraits and streetphotography which was this years topic of the photocourse).
    Greetings, Josine
    Replied 6 years ago
  48. hi Josine, as a tip I recommend subscribing yourself at least to the "news and announcements" and "contests" forums, this way you will be informed automatically.

    Looking forward to seeing you back here. You remarkable progress in photography has not gone unnoticed. Good luck!
    Replied 6 years ago
  49. I'm in... off to upload some pics :) Replied 6 years ago
  50. I am in :) Replied 6 years ago
  51. Welcome on board @sugaree and @riddhi! Replied 6 years ago
  52. I'M IN :D Replied 6 years ago
  53. I'm in:
    Grey Squirrel in Dublin Zoo A wild grey squirrel paying a visit to Dublin Zoo, Ireland Dublin,Dublin Zoo,Eastern gray squirrel,Eurasian Grey Squirrel,Geotagged,Invasive species,Ireland,Sciurus carolinensis,Zoo
    Replied 6 years ago
  54. I'm new and I'm in!! Replied 6 years ago
  55. @Welcome I Lohja and Dale! Replied 6 years ago
  56. Count me, Ferdy. This is my second day in JungleDragon and I already participate in a contest. Cool! Replied 6 years ago
  57. @Jivko: Welcome on board, Jivko! Replied 6 years ago
  58. Count me in! Replied 6 years ago
  59. In and looking forward to looking at some fantastic photography Replied 6 years ago
  60. I am in, just joined in today and contributed first photo.
    Not sure how to participate in the contest though.

    Close Encounter After roaming around in open Gypsy for couple of hours and enjoying the best of wildlife, we quite never expected that a majestic male tiger was waiting for us. <br />
<br />
This angry looking fellow, seem to have quenched his thirst & getting ready for a kill. He had positioned himself and we accidentally came in its way. He gave us the look, growled out in a threatening way and charged on us. <br />
<br />
We were at his mercy, fortunately he shifted away and went other way. We didn't react at all, cause we were stunned anyway. <br />
<br />
It was a close escape, all in less than 20 secs. The most thrilling experience ever. Geotagged,India,Panthera tigris,Tadoba,Tiger,aggressive,angry,attacking,charge,environment,forest,gesture,grawl,horizontal,hunting,indian,jungle,natural,posture,teeth

    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  61. One more submission from my side Replied 6 years ago
  62. Hi,Im in..Plese let me know how many entries one an submit. Replied 6 years ago
  63. To all new ones joining: there is no limit to how many entries you can submit, as long as they are on topic (nature photos only). How to join the contest? Posting a comment on this thread is enough, next you use the upload button to share photos. All of this is basically in the instructions at the very beginning of this thread. Good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  64. Ok, I am new. And I am in. All the way from Singapore. Replied 6 years ago
  65. @Moomoocat: welcome on board and good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  66. Count me in, I'm game. pardon the pun. Replied 6 years ago
  67. Hi, thought I'd join in..looks like a fun place to be! Replied 6 years ago
  68. Welcome @Danny and @Sarah! Replied 6 years ago
  69. I'm in as well. Replied 6 years ago
  70. I am in like others with lots of enthusiasm for wildlife . Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  71. @sccarpen and @priyaroy76: welcome on board and good luck! Replied 6 years ago
  72. I'm in! Replied 6 years ago
  73. I'm in!!
    Replied 6 years ago
  74. I'm in!!! Replied 6 years ago
  75. Welcome on board @Samantha, @Natalie and @Meg! Replied 6 years ago
  76. How cool! I uploaded my photo so I guess that means I'm in!!! Replied 6 years ago
  77. Ok I am in and I have uploaded some photos :) Replied 6 years ago
  78. I am in!! Replied 6 years ago
  79. @Mary, @Jaye, @iFly: welcome on board and good luck.

    And to all new members and people still joining: please read the contest rules carefully. I keep having to delete photos that having nothing to do with the contest.
    Replied 6 years ago
  80. I'm in as well! I've uploaded my photo (I think); I hope I did it right! Replied 6 years ago
  81. Welcome @daniquesweers: yes, you did it right :) Replied 6 years ago
  82. I am in :-) Replied 6 years ago
  83. I am in :-) Replied 6 years ago
  84. I am in! Replied 6 years ago
  85. I'm in. This seems a very nice community here.:) Replied 6 years ago
  86. Welcome @happy! Replied 6 years ago
  87. Im signed up but I'm a little confused on where I put my photo for the contest?
    Replied 6 years ago
  88. I found it, so I'm in!
    Replied 6 years ago
  89. I'm sorry, which photos are considered in the contest?
    Those that are uploaded in April? Or taken AND uploaded in April?
    Replied 6 years ago
  90. @happyfish: Uploaded in April, it doesn't matter when it was token as long as:

    1) it is yours (you took the photo or are the copyright owner)
    2) you did not upload it in an earlier month to JungleDragon
    3) the image is valid (on topic)
    Replied 6 years ago
  91. Yes, I am in Replied 6 years ago
  92. I am in.
    Replied 6 years ago
  93. I'm in. Replied 6 years ago
  94. I am in :-) Replied 6 years ago
  95. I'm in! Replied 6 years ago
  96. Ok here are my photos:
    Waiting An albatross chick waits for his parents to return with food in Elsehul Bay, South Georgia. The chick's thick down keeps it warm during blustery Antarctic summers. Antarctica,Elsehul,King Penguin Rookery,Light-mantled Albatross,Phoebetria fusca,Phoebetria palpebrata,Sooty Albatross,South Georgia,dropbox,koken,wildlife

    Focus A leopard seal makes direct eye contact as our boat passes by the iceberg shard it rests on.<br />
Eric Lew © 2013 All Rights Reserved Antarctica,Geotagged,Hydrurga leptonyx,Leopard seal

    Doting parents Two king penguin parents dote on their chick. Seeing to parents together during the day is a rare sight, as normally one is out hunting while the other protects the chick. <br />
Eric Lew © 2013 All Rights Reserved Aptenodytes patagonicus,FIQQ 1ZZ,Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas),Geotagged,King Penguin

    Leap of Faith A rockhoppper penguin leaps across a ledge as it returns to its rookery after a day of hunting.<br />
<br />
Eric Lew © 2013 All Rights Reserved Eudyptes chrysocome,Southern Rockhopper Penguin,dropbox,koken

    Dance A Wilson Storm Petrel appears to walk on water on the Antarctica Peninsula.  These birds feed on bits of krill as they dance over the top of the water, never letting more than a toe get wet. Oceanites oceanicus,Wilson Storm Petrel,dropbox,koken
    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  97. 3 more... good luck everyone!
    Wave Hunting A sea lion hunts for penguins, hiding within glassy, sea-green waves.<br />
<br />
Eric Lew © 2013 All Rights Reserved FIQQ 1ZZ,Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas),Geotagged

    Magellanic Cormorants Red-faced magellanic cormorants (also know as rock shags) rest on the side of a cliff in the Falkland Islands.<br />
Eric Lew © 2013 All Rights Reserved Phalacrocorax magellanicus,Rock Shag,dropbox,koken

    Spotted - Cierva Cove A leopard seal investates our zodiac as we cruise past the iceberg he sits on.  Leopard seals are fearsome predators, but seemed curious and friendly in our interactions.  After initially rising up and peering at us, he yawned and resumed resting. Hydrurga leptonyx,Leopard seal,dropbox,koken
    Replied 6 years ago
  98. Welcome to the contest @EricWildlifePhoto! Replied 6 years ago
  99. I'm new and I'm IN :)

    heres my link:
    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  100. I m in and m very glad to be the part of the Jungle Dragon family... :) Replied 6 years ago
  101. Here are my entries..... All the very best everyone :-)

    I just walked out This was taken in Besant Nagar beach, Chennai, India while I had gone there for a photoshoot with my friends. I had seen this crab lying motionless along the sea and wrongly assumed that it was a toy that had washed ashore. I bent down and was about to touch it when my better sense kicked in. Somehow I decided to move away and a small stick thrown near it made the crab to react. Then I realized how big this guy is and was lucky to have my fingers intact. Fishermen who live near the sea told me about the power of their claws.  Cardisoma carnifex,Chennai,Geotagged,India,beach,claws,crab,movement,sea,sharp

    The lucky encounter The lion tailed macaque is an endangered species and is one of the animals that is endemic to the western ghats of India. During our visit to Valpaarai, we were travelling in a car and we saw a group of people standing on the highway & pointing their cameras at the forest that engulfs the highway. We stopped our car and saw that they were shooting a family of lion-tailed macaque. I got down and got into the act myself. When we enquired, we found that the photographers had been camping at Valpaarai for the last couple of days just for photographing the macaques. We got lucky and found them during our way! Geotagged,India,Lion-tailed macaque,Macaca silenus,black,endangered,foliage,forest,lion-tailed macaque,monkey,western ghats,wild
    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  102. I am in. I love all the great picture I have already seen from everybody. Replied 6 years ago
  103. Yep, I'm in... :) Replied 6 years ago
  104. Yep, I'm in... :) Replied 6 years ago
  105. Yep, I'm in... :) Replied 6 years ago
  106. I am IN...
    Tickell's blue flycatcher  Tickells Blue Flycatcher,blue,passerine
    Replied 6 years ago
  107. I am in..
    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  108. Heck yes!! ! I'm in!
    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  109. Welcome to all new entries! @Goldfields: that does not count. You should obviously upload your photo to JungleDragon. Replied 6 years ago
  110. Im new and I'm in. Replied 6 years ago
  111. Love begins with sharing Sometimes luck plays a huge role...... A huge role in landing these kind of shots. When all that you intended for is to get out and see whether any bird shots are available and you end up getting the birds right at your gate!! I just came out with my 300mm lens to see whether I could spot any birds and saw this sight unfold infront of my eyes. Clicked a few pictures before these loving lovely pair of Koels flew away Asian Koel,Eudynamys scolopaceus,Fruit Bat,Geotagged,India,Kaladi,Kerala,Koel,birds,feeding,love is in the air,loving
    Replied 6 years ago
  112. I am also in!!!! Don't forget about me!!! Are all the photos I uploaded now in April automatically entered into competition?
    Replied 6 years ago
  113. I'd like to send in a couple of pictures too :) Replied 6 years ago
  114. @Mariaan: We're not forgetting about you, and yes, all photos you submit during April participate in the contest. Note to all others, you do not have to post links to your photos in this thread, your photos automatically participate. Replied 6 years ago
  115. I'm in :) Replied 6 years ago
  116. Mine here:
    clown_fish Red Sea - SUDAN Amphiprion bicinctus,Dive,Geotagged,Red Sea clownfish,Sudan,red sea,underwater
    Replied 6 years ago
  117. I am in
    Replied 6 years ago
  118. Dear all,

    The contest is closed as of now. New photo uploads will not count for the April contest anymore, but of course you are encouraged to keep sharing anyway :)

    It has been a fantastic contest with many high quality entries, so it will take me some time to select the winner. I hope to publish the winner tomorrow evening. Keep an eye on this thread, better yet, subscribe to it.
    Replied 6 years ago
  119. Dear all, it is time to announce the winner of the contest. First some statistics. During the contest, 1433 photos were uploaded. 144 new members signed up, and 287 new species were created. The contest has been a great success in producing activity and awesome new content on the site. Thank you all for participating.

    It is now up to me to decide the winner, and I have struggled much in doing so. There's over 200 photos submitted at least that I consider top photos. It took me a long while to reduce that list to these 16 candidates:

    Those 16 are incredibly special. As said, there's many more top photos, but these stood out for me, for several reasons: technical quality, the uniqueness of the species or location, the story behind the photo, or simply their beauty. After a 2nd opinion by my significant other, we both came to an even shorter list of only 4. In random order:

    An amazing new species, captured in Iran. Something you don't see every day:
    Pallas's cat Kalmand, Yazd, Iran<br />
(Photographed in Captivity Moments before Released into Wild)<br />
 Felis manul,Geotagged,Iran,Otocolobus manul,Pallass cat

    A remarkable species, captured in again an amazing location: the Congo:
    Mountain Gorilla Eating A mountain gorilla eating.  Picture taken in the Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Democratic Republic of the Congo,Geotagged,Gorilla beringei beringei,Mountain gorilla

    A mysterious jewel in the forests, upvoted to the best fungi photo on the entire site:
    Jewel of the Forest I wasn't sure of the specie at first and Wiki does not list it as being in South Africa so I sent the photo off to a fungi expert in this country and he confirmed it is indeed the Bleeding Tooth or Devil's Tooth fungus. What unfortunate names for something so beautiful! Geotagged,Hydnellum peckii,South Africa,fungi

    A world-class photo taken on the south pole, unique to JungleDragon:
    Spotted - Cierva Cove A leopard seal investates our zodiac as we cruise past the iceberg he sits on.  Leopard seals are fearsome predators, but seemed curious and friendly in our interactions.  After initially rising up and peering at us, he yawned and resumed resting. Hydrurga leptonyx,Leopard seal,dropbox,koken

    Selecting between these 4 was an impossible choice, but I had to select only one. The winner of the April 2014 contest is Eric:

    Spotted - Cierva Cove A leopard seal investates our zodiac as we cruise past the iceberg he sits on.  Leopard seals are fearsome predators, but seemed curious and friendly in our interactions.  After initially rising up and peering at us, he yawned and resumed resting. Hydrurga leptonyx,Leopard seal,dropbox,koken

    I believe this to be a world-class photo, magazine cover quality. The location is unique, there's danger in the spotting itself, and the actual capture and composition are of a technical top quality. I couldn't be further from the south pole, yet this photo brings me there. Well done, Eric, and congratulations! I shall be contacting you for your prize.

    Hereby some closing words to everybody who participated...

    Once again, I apologize if you did not win or did not get mentioned. I appreciate you all, competition was fierce, yet there can only be one winner. Ultimately we organize these contest to attract new members and content to this site. Therefore I hope you enjoyed the site, and will stick around for further sharing. And...there will be more contests coming. The next one will be in June!

    And finally, due to the contest we crossed new content milestones, which means JungleDragon will donate to wildlife. How good of a deal is that? Having fun sharing something you love on a free and ad-free site, whilst also helping nature.

    "Nature for all, all for nature"

    Replied 6 years ago
  120. Congrats Eric on your well deserved victory...! :) Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  121. Gratz Eric, wow on the South Pole. That will have been an amazing experience. Enjoy your well earned victory:) Replied 6 years ago
  122. Congratulations Eric, that truly is a magnificent photo, as Ferdy says, it has it all. Congratulations too, not only to the finalists but to everyone in general who entered the contest and contributed some amazing photos and wonderful new species it has been great watching them flood in. And congratulations again to Ferdy for such a great site! Thank you for your kind comments on my little fungi, flattered as always! Replied 6 years ago
  123. Beautiful captures. Congratulations to all the 16 photo-owners :) Replied 6 years ago

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