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  1. Dear all,

    The October 2012 JungleDragon photo contest hereby is closed, and below are the winners and honourable mentions. A total of 2231 photos have been submitted by 131 different users. That's awesome, thank you!

    PRIZE 1: Best photo, calculated by the photo's karma score.

    1st place: Wisdom, by Robert, karma score 391:

    Wisdom Taken at Chester Zoo, England. Geotagged,Great Grey Owl,Strix nebulosa,United Kingdom

    Congrats, Robert! You will receive the 100$ in cash, I'll be contacting you.

    Honourable mentions (not receiving prize money):

    2nd place: Baby Face, by Uda, karma score 353:

    Baby face

    3rd place: European Peacock, by Joost Thissen, karma score 350:

    European Peacock I made this photo on a sunny October day. I was following the butterfly for some time while it was flying from flower to flower, trying to get a decent shot. but the butterfly kept waving with  it's wings making it difficult to take a photo with the wings fully open. <br />
But suddenly a cloud came for the sun. Lacking the warmth of the sun the butterfly sat motionless on the flower with it's wings fully open. This allowed me to take this photo with the flash acting as replacement for the sun. Belgium,European Peacock,Geotagged,Inachis io

    PRIZE 2: Most photos submitted, counting only photos that comply with the rules.

    1st place: Scott Staley, 191 photos:

    Scott StaleyScott Staley

    Congrats, Scott! You will receive the 100$ in cash, I'll be contacting you.

    Honourable mentions (not receiving prize money):

    2nd place: Claire Hamilton, 129 photos:

    Claire HamiltonClaire Hamilton

    Thank you Claire for introducing so many new species to the site!

    3rd place: Montse, 116 photos:


    Thank you Montse for the incredible diversity of your photos.

    PRIZE 3: A prize for nature
    By good JungleDragon traditions, nature itself is also getting a prize: a 100$ donation to a wildlife charity. This time the donation has been made to this cause:

    This year I've seen first-hand how unique yet fragile the Madagascar wildlife is. This organization helps conserve species that are found nowhere else. I hope you agree with this cause.

    Of course, a big thank you to all who participated. Although only the contest winners have won an actual cash prize, in a way we have all won by massively spreading the beauty of nature, which is exactly what JungleDragon is about. In addition, we have actually helped nature out by means of a donation. I'm proud of you all.

    To those that came for the contest, I invite you to stay and keep sharing your photos. Not only because there will be more contests in the future, but also because you love JungleDragon, nature, and its community. That's what I hope.

    Nature for all, all for nature.


    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  2. A massive thank you to anyone who voted and commented on my photograph. I really appreciate the feedback given and hope to remain an active member of the Jungle Dragon community. Replied 6 years ago
  3. Unfortunately I've been too busy businesswise to be any form of competitor to you guys/girls, but I was very fortunate to see such beautiful creations and was Honoured to comment on many of them. To the winners and all of the rest: enjoy your stay here in the many months yet to pass, see you around! Enjoy, Ludo. Replied 6 years ago
  4. Thoroughly agree with your choice of cause! Well done Robert, beautiful photo! Well done too Scott!
    Lets hope I can continue to introduce more species to the site.
    Thank you Jungle Dragon for a brilliant site I hope it continues to grow.
    Replied 6 years ago
  5. Congratulations to all the winners (and to the losers too). It's your participation which makes this site work to well. I'm proud to be part of this community. Replied 6 years ago
  6. Congratulations to all, and thank you jungledragon for showing my images. i am honored to be a part of this site Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  7. Thank you so much! And congratulations to all!!! I'm proud of being part of this site!!!! Replied 6 years ago

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