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  1. Hello to everybody,
    searching to identify some butterflies I found this very helpful interesting site. I'd like to thank in advance for all help! Mainly focussing on birds as a photographer I cannot let escape some other lovely creatures ... Maybe one day my humble postings could add some value, who knows?
    Replied 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
  2. Welcome on board, Dr :)

    Checking your first photo to find out they're from my favorite country of Madagascar, nice!

    To help you get started, I recommend this article:

    In this community, it is essential that you provide additional details on your photos such as location, species, meaningful title, etc. That article explains why and how.

    Let us know if there's any questions, we're here to help.
    Replied 2 years ago
  3. O.k. first question: how can one search for e.g. "unidentified" +"bird" +"Madagascar"? Replied 2 years ago
  4. There is no direct way to do that. Here are all unidentified photos:

    Yet they do not give you birds or birds from Madagascar specifically. A better starting point is to start from the country:

    This still does not let you filter on unidentified birds, but you can wade through a limited set of photos this way.
    Replied 2 years ago
  5. Ferdy, maybe you can make an unidentified list per country as there is one per member? Replied 2 years ago
  6. @Wildflower: that would certainly be useful, and not too much work. I'll see if I can have a look at this next week, have some leave then. Replied 2 years ago
  7. I second Wildflower's idea, I think it would be very helpful in finding some species that somebody may know already, but the photo could have been so far backed up on the unidentified list :) Replied 2 years ago
  8. I agree it is a good idea. Life got in the way of me delivering it this week, but I plan to implement this early next year, so it will be forthcoming. Replied 2 years ago
  9. Update on this: there is now an "unidentified" overview per country. You will find it in the sub menu of the photos section of any country. Example:
    Replied 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago

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