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  1. Hi my name is Christiane and I am a German living in Queensland Australia in a Town named after the first fleet to Australia ( Town of 1770) Mr James Cook landed here and collected water, plants and animals.
    It feels good to find an animal, that was already found in 1770 and manage to survive all the invasion here.
    I love all creature great and small. On my farm they all have a home.
    Replied 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
  2. hi Christiane,

    A warm welcome to JungleDragon. You already demonstrated an incredible eye to detail, appreciation for a wide diversity of animals, and you live in an area with plenty of it occurring. Simply put, you're exactly the kind of member this community needs, so thank you very much for embracing the site.
    Replied 3 years ago
  3. Thanks I do like the side.. It is easy to upload and great to find Id. How can I do an ID (like for my green leaf beetle and how can I change my profile picture?
    Replied 3 years ago
  4. Hi Christiane, only a few moderators can create IDs. I did not create one for that beetle because it seems that there are different opinions about it and I couldn't find any references to confirm either of them.

    You can change your profile photo at On that website, you can link the email you used to sign up for JungleDragon to a photo of your choice. The benefit is that many websites use gravatar, so you will have the same image on many other websites as well. Once you have set it up, it may take a few minutes or at most an hour before you see it appear here.
    Replied 3 years ago
  5. @Christane: To identify a species, normally you just type in the name in the identification dialog. If the system cannot find an entry for that name, you can request manual species creation. In the same dialog, there's a link called "advanced", click it and request it from there. Our moderators will then receive an email with your request, and will typically create the species record within a few hours.

    To change your profile picture, please go to and associate it with the same email address that you use here. After doing that, your icon will appear here within a few minutes. I hope this helps.
    Replied 3 years ago
  6. Hi WildFlower. Thanks for the info.. Martin Lagerwey is an expert on this beetle and he is 99.9 % right. I have send him some of my beetles to ID for the Australian Museum. And the Beetle that has been seen in GIN GIN is my beetle too.. Replied 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
  7. Well, I guess this particular beetle is in the 0.1% range... Replied 3 years ago
  8. Great to see you here Christiane (and a Snow Leopard already :) )
    1770 has to be one of areas in Australia. Are they still running those big pink army 'ducks' into the mangroves?
    Replied 3 years ago

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