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  1. Hello all,

    My name is John... I am a scientist living and working in India. Since I'm here i thought i might take a few wildlife pics... it would be rude not to! :)

    Nice to meet you all and I hope you enjoy my pictures.


    Replied 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
  2. Hi John and welcome to JungleDragon! I've looked at your photos and I must say, I love your work! You describe your photos very well, something that we really value here. Good job on identifying and geotagging your photos, too. That is something that will help others to find your photos. Keep the photos coming, I would love to see more! Replied 4 years ago
  3. Thanks Travis... :) I have a large back-catalogue, so i will update every now and again when i have time! :) Replied 4 years ago
  4. hi John, welcome to JungleDragon!

    I'm excited that you're joining: scientist and a great photographer, as well as having a large back-catalogue. Can't wait to see you around here regularly, we need people like you.
    Replied 4 years ago
  5. Hey,

    I'm really enjoying the site... by the way i found it via incase you are interested! :)
    I'll keep coming. It is a great excuse to arrange my catalogue! :P it is long overdue! :)
    Replied 4 years ago
  6. Yes, I ran an ad on that site, it's about to expire so I'm glad you found your way in :) Replied 4 years ago
  7. Can you explain to me how i would go about changing my avatar from this orange swirly thing to a photo of myself? :) Replied 4 years ago
  8. Sure thing. You can set an icon at the website Over there, you need to register using the same email address you used for JungleDragon. After you've set an icon there, it will appear here in an hour or so.

    Note that gravatar is a service completely outside of JungleDragon. One benefit is that many websites use it, so you're icon will appear in any website that supports it.
    Replied 4 years ago
  9. Thanks Ferdy. It's very quick to show up. I saw mine show up in less than ten minutes! :) Replied 4 years ago
  10. That's great, love the icon btw. Thought it was a gorilla initially, but only upon looking closer I saw the dog. Replied 4 years ago
  11. Thanks! :) Replied 4 years ago
  12. 2 mins and mine was up! :) Replied 4 years ago
  13. Hey,

    Just like to say, i'm loving the site... great layout, very intuitive and it is really getting my arse in gear to sort through the magnitude of images i have and try and sort them, so thank you! :)

    I'm coming to the end of my 'good' shots, so my uploads will start to slow down... saying that, i have two wildlife trips this month... soooooo, it might have a resurgence! :)
    Replied 4 years ago
  14. Thank you for the kind words and heads up, John! No worries, all longtime members have peak periods and low periods. JungleDragon will be waiting here whenever you're ready. Plus, there's tons of fun to be had even when not sharing photos :) Replied 4 years ago
  15. That's for sure! I just cannot get over how incredible the images are and how skilled the photographers are on this site. Not only am I learning more about photography, but also learning a lot about nature. Maybe someday my skill level will be more equal with everybody else here. :) Replied 4 years ago

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