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  1. An avid fan of macro and nature photography, I have been living for years in West Africa. Here I have been lucky to truly see the power and extreme beauty of the jungle; to have chance encounters with animals in their wild home and to capture their spirit through my lens. Nothing can compare with the quiet moment that I know I have taken a picture I will love to share. I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of what I see, and getting an idea of who I am by my pictures. I welcome any comments, questions or discussions.

    I've learnt from looking at their fabulous pictures : Jonn Kimbler aka Dalantech, Regis Boileau, Apisit Wilaijit aka Bug eye, Ashley Vincent, Marc Mol, Marcin Sobas and many others......
    Replied 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
  2. @Oddfeel, a warm welcome to JungleDragon. You're exactly the kind of member we're looking for in this community, whether there is a contest or not. I sure hope you get hooked on and enjoy the site, we'd love to get a western african perspective on wildlife, it is very rare here. Also, macro is a big thing on this site, we love freaky looking insects :)

    Enjoy your stay, I see from your posts that you already know how this thing works.
    Replied 4 years ago

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