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  1. Hello everybody from Texas. I just joined this site and it is quite different than other sites that I've joined. I have been a serious hobbyist for about a year now and am learning as much as I can. Thank you for having me!

    Don in TX
    Replied 6 years ago, modified 4 years ago
  2. hi Don, welcome to JungleDragon!

    What do you experience as so different here? Just curious to learn....
    Replied 6 years ago, modified 6 years ago
  3. For one, this site is themed. I also like the food chain levels that you have here. I haven't seen much others like that. Replied 6 years ago
  4. Welcome to the site I am sure you'll love the experience Replied 6 years ago
  5. Thank you Ferdy and Scott. Is there a way to display the number of karma points? I see the bar graph, but wondered if there was a point value as well. Thanks! Replied 6 years ago
  6. @Don: I do have that data, but you cannot currently see it on the website itself. You can see your progress in percentage, and for some actions, the notification email will show how much karma points you were awarded. I'll consider including the number in a later version. Replied 6 years ago
  7. Ok, cool. Thanks Ferdy! Replied 6 years ago
  8. Hello again everyone. Gosh, it's been over two years since I've been on here last. I've recently rediscovered this site and hope to be more active this time around. I look forward to seeing everybody's great images! -Don in TX Replied 4 years ago
  9. Welcome back, @DonTX. A lot has happened with the site in the last 2 years, so I hope you like it. Replied 4 years ago
  10. I have no doubt that I will! This is such an educational site, not only for photography, but for learning about plants and animals from different parts of the world that I've never visited. Thanks for the welcome back! Replied 4 years ago
  11. Welcome! :) I just joined and thus far am enjoying it? Replied 4 years ago
  12. Hi John. A big welcome to you too! It's been such a long time, I feel like I'm also a new user again. :) Replied 4 years ago

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