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  1. Just back from our 2nd visit to Colombia, this time targeting the little-explored North-west. Full travel report here:


    Warning: very long read ahead :)
    Replied one year ago, modified one year ago
  2. Great photos, looking foreward to see more! Replied one year ago
  3. Thanks! Will share the entire set slowly over here at JD exclusively. Replied one year ago
  4. Looks like it was a great trip - the teaser photos you've got with your trip report are spectacular. Replied one year ago
  5. You must have enjoyed such a fantastic trip! Looking forward to more fantastic photographs.. Replied one year ago
  6. Thanks both, will start sharing the set on JD soon. Will take me a long time, as always :) Replied one year ago
  7. Hi Ferdy, read through your report a few days back as I stumbled on it via some other route ... what can I say, other than "green with envy" *lol* :o) Looking forward to more excellent pictures of fantastic wildlife! Cheers, Arp Replied one year ago
  8. Thanks, Ferdy for the detailed travel reports and the amazing encounters you had.
    Looking forward to see those several hundred amazing photos that you will post to JD.

    I just finished my trip to Mexico on the pacific side, with the main objective of swimming with Marlins and more specifically to see them hunting among Baitballs. Definitely not a huge count in spotting like you but the experience is extremely memorable especially when we get a bonus with a Bryde's Whale.

    Here's my picture of a Striped Marlin :D

    Replied one year ago
  9. Arp, hoping to share the envious experience the best I can :)
    @Albert: incredible capture in Mexico, thanks so much for sharing!
    Replied one year ago
  10. Hello fchristant,
    thank You for Your very interesting trip report to Columbia which are making great appetite to go there as well!
    Question: did You take a tripod with You? Would a scope be useful? Have You brought Your boots from Europe?
    Thank You
    Replied one year ago
  11. Please call me Ferdy :) And yes, you definitely should go!
    I did not bring a tripod. The birding we did was fast-paced where you see a bird in a split second, constantly moving, in pretty dark conditions. There's just no time to set up a tripod, except for perhaps a handful of steady birds you may come across (such as puffbirds, that do not flee).

    Furthermore, it's not easy to travel with a tripod, on many domestic flights there's a 10kg baggage limit, and my gear without tripod alone is already 11kg. It's certainly possible, just difficult. If you mean to use a tripod for macro work, that would be more suitable and useful compared to birding.

    A scope can be useful depending on your goal. Our goal is always to photograph a subject, just seeing it in the far distance does not "count" for us. Yet if you prefer just observing, a scope would definitely help. We just use binoculars, but not even that much, because if we need those, it means the bird is too far for a photo.

    Yes we bought our boots in Europe. You don't need super high end boots, cheap ones will do. Make sure to get a pair that fits well, because standing and walking on your feet all day you'd want that.

    Hope this helps!
    Replied one year ago, modified one year ago
  12. Wow Ferdy, I regsitrated a long time ago, and since then your photos improved drastically!:o They are fantastic! You can be a good example to all of us, how can a hobby a person really like improve the skills at the same time. Thank you for the Columbian report! Replied one year ago
  13. @remphase: Thanks so much for the compliments, much appreciated! Your photos are fantastic too, don't forget about that.

    And I hope nobody from Colombia reads your comment, they get very angry when their country is spelled as "Columbia" haha.
    Replied one year ago

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