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  1. please help me identify this one
    Micrathyria_laevigata or Micrathyria caerulistyla or??? ok.. I don't know. I'm a mechanic, not a biologist.<br />
Micrathyria caerulistyla looks closest so far. Hagenii is also similar but has the wrong light blue marks<br />
 Costa Rica,Geotagged,Micrathyria ocellata,Rayadoras Cenicillas de Estanque,anisoptera,libelulidae
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  2. Looks like a clubtail to me, not a skimmer... maybe Epigomphus?

    I'm definitely no expert though, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong.

    Two things I found from some quick searching that may help somebody with more expertise on dragonfly identification...

    "Odonata of Costa Rica: Diversity and checklist of species"

    "The Costa Rican Species of Epigomphus and Their Mutual Mating Adaptations"
    Replied one year ago
  3. thank you Joe, you sure brought me on the right trail

    to be honest i had thought of clubtails but could not find a fitting one on Inbio.

    there used to be an excellent Odonata of Costa Rica website, I have saved the main pages but the site is gone :(
    I have used your link.. and after a long search and looking in my old screenshots
    I think
    Epigomphus subobtusus

    is the closest... AND it lives in the area where I saw it.
    but then somebody will know better
    Replied one year ago

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