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  1. Hi,
    it is sometimes really tricky and I'm not a biologist so please help
    The unknown Epigomphus, help welcome Saw this little fellow today, when I was desperately trying to find some new species.<br />
Unfortunatley I can only say that Epigomphus subobtusus looks pretty close but not close enough<br />
Many thanks to   Martin Lagerwey for yesterday-s help<br />
 Costa Rica,Epigomphus,Geotagged,Summer,gomphidae,ododnata,unknown

    a robberfly

    Ommatius - something for the experts to ID please this is a medium sized robberfly which was at work at sea level above some mudholes in the 'road' near Nancite biological station. I have seen some of the kind also in the mangroves, but the terrain was too swampy to get close enough.<br />
My internet search yielded another two photos of an identical one, but no ID . Costa Rica,Geotagged,Ommatius,Summer,asilidae,diptera

    a lizard
    Biggish lizard close to home -xl this might be the XL version of the little one. It was easily 60 cms.<br />
hopefully https://www.jungledragon.com/user/2539/john_sullivan.html knows what it is. Basiliscus basiliscus,Common Basilisk,Costa Rica,Geotagged,Summer,lizard,not a clue.

    all hints welcome
    Replied 3 years ago

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