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  1. Hi Ferdie or whoever can help.
    Please forgive me, I wrongly named a butterfly adelpha serpa.
    So Wildflower said NO, it is not.
    Rightly so, but it wasn0t the new ID either.
    I can't delete the new ID, it doesn't let me, every time I put the right ID in, which is
    Doxocopa linda
    it jumps back to Doxocopa laura, which is NOT the right one.
    What have I done?
    Replied 3 years ago, modified 5 months ago
  2. Annette,

    Can you please paste the link in so I can have a look? Thanks!
    Replied 3 years ago
  3. According to Wikipedia, one subspecies of Doxocopa linda is a synonym of Doxocopa laure. That is probably why it is linked and there is no entry for Doxocopa linda in Wikipedia. I created an entry and wanted to identify this photo as Doxocopa linda
    Linda Emperor taken at tikal ruins guatemala Doxocopa linda,Geotagged,Guatemala,Linda Emperor,Summer

    but it links it to Doxocopa laure again.
    I think that the speciemen on Annette's photos is Doxocopa laure though.
    Replied 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
  4. If it is Doxocopa laure than no correction is needed, right? I just identified it as such without issues. Replied 3 years ago
  5. No, it should be Doxocopa linda, that's why I created an entry for it. This is not Annette's photo, but that of wildlifeonwalkabout. Replied 3 years ago
  6. Well, I don't get it anymore. What is wildlifewalkabout's photo doing in this thread if its unrelated? Replied 3 years ago
  7. It is related - it is the same problem. It should be Doxocopa linda, but it cannot be identified as such because it is redirected to Doxocopa laure instead. Replied 3 years ago
  8. What is "it"? We're talking about two images and two species and redirects between, hence my confusion. Replied 3 years ago
  9. Can you identify the species on this photo as Doxocopa linda?
    Linda Emperor taken at tikal ruins guatemala Doxocopa linda,Geotagged,Guatemala,Linda Emperor,Summer
    Replied 3 years ago
  10. Done! Replied 3 years ago
  11. Thanks! Replied 3 years ago
  12. So please explain, what do I do in the future? I am reluctant to ID anything now... afraid to mess anything up Replied 3 years ago
  13. There is no need to be afraid, Annette. Worst thing to happen is that a photo is misidentified, which can easily be corrected. It's just that this was a more complicated case due to species synonyms. Don't worry, just identify as you always do :) Replied 3 years ago

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