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  1. When someone requests a manual species creation, and I create the species record, should I also go ahead and ID the photo to the species record I just created? Or is it better to add a comment (as I just noticed another moderator doing) mentioning that the species record has been created, so that the submitter of the photo can get karma for the ID? Replied 3 years ago, modified 5 months ago
  2. It depends on the person, but I've found that many people get an understandable thrill out of ID'ing their own photos, especially when it's a new species and more especially when they are new to Jungle Dragon, so I'll put the species in and let them know they can do the ID. Once they've been here a while, they've risen in rank - which they will find happens quickly if they contribute regularly and the novelty wears off (and they realize they still get the credit for the new species) they often don't mind if you just do the ID when you put the species in. Not to mention, you are correct, they do get points for doing the IDs. Replied 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
  3. Both methods are correct, so it is up to you. I usually ID it directly after creating it, because there is a risk that the photo owner never responds to your comment, leaving the photo unidentified. I figure it is OK to do it like this because the species introduction actually still goes to the photo owner, and not to me.

    Species intros and country intros are always awarded to the photo owner, it does not matter who does the identification. Species identifications, the act of identifying any species, is a separate reward that is granted to the actual person identifying.

    Morpheme's approach definitely is the more considerate approach, but I'm just too impatient, and I know that the photo owner will be rewarded regardless.
    Replied 3 years ago
  4. Very nice question. Usually if the question is to identify the species and I manage to do this and there is a Wiki page - I leave it to the photo owner to finalize the process. But when it is a question of creating a species record (no Wiki page!) I am (like Ferdy!) too impatient and finalize the whole process myself. But should be nice to leave the final stage to the photo owner at least for a couple of days, especially in case of new comers to JungleDragon. Replied 3 years ago
  5. Jivko mentioned what seems to me a nice compromise -- I can create the species record and add a comment, then wait two or three days and identify it if the submitter hasn't already done so. That requires remembering to do so a few days later, but I can set myself an alarm or something for that. Thanks everyone! Replied 3 years ago

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