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  1. I have researched a lot on it, but am unable to ID it precisely. However, my research did not go waste, as I landed on a website that IDs the grasshopper as mentioned in the image description. The problem with that is, the information on the website says it is an American Grasshopper, but I found the insect in Bangalore, India.

    Intruder Alert! Psinidia Amplicornis (Caudell's Longhorn Grasshopper AKA Texas Longhorn Grasshopper) - is an American species of Grasshopper, and this is the closest ID I could find on this little guy! I live in Bangalore, India, and I identified it based on the "blue colored" tibia (hind legs) I spotted on this Grasshopper. <br />
<br />
http://bugguide.net/node/view/356210/bgpage<br />
<br />
This is quite impossible, considering what ever little information I found online on this species of Grasshopper. If any of you have better information about the species of this Grasshopper, please feel free to update the information accordingly.<br />
<br />
Update: After the most recent online research, I have come across two more species of Grasshoppers that closely matches the one in the image above - "Trachyrhachys Kiowa - Kiowa range Grasshopper" and "Metator pardalinus - Blue-legged Grasshopper"<br />
<br />
http://bugeric.blogspot.in/2014/07/blue-legged-grasshopper.html<br />
http://bugguide.net/node/view/941782<br />
<br />
The search continues. Geotagged,Grasshopper,India,Longhorn Grasshopper,Psinidia Amplicornis,caudell,caudell's longhorn grasshopper,hop,insect,longhorn

    NOTE: One thing to specifically notice is that it has blue coloration on its hind legs. See more images here in different angles:
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  2. Quite an identification challenge this is. I searched for a while but no match yet. I did learn that the hind leg is called a "tibia", so the search term "blue tibia" may help. I found a few photos and species that way, yet none from India specifically yet. Replied 4 years ago
  3. Your tip was helpful, Ferdy! :)

    I researched more online and stumbled upon "Metator pardalinus - Blue-legged Grasshopper" and "Trachyrhachys Kiowa - Kiowa range Grasshopper". These are now the closest of the species to the one in the image I have shared here. I am leaning more towards the latter, but the only thing I don't understand is that they all ID the grasshopper to belong to one or the other part of America. May be people here are not bothered much about these little guys.

    Websites with information on the above mentioned species:
    Replied 4 years ago
  4. I agree that visually, the latter is a very close match. The distribution mystery still is not solved though:

    Replied 4 years ago
  5. True. More and more images and description of the species suggest that it is a "Trachyrhachys Kiowa"


    Looks like the poor little Grasshopper will be left in the "Unidentified" category for some time..
    Replied 4 years ago

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