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  1. Today I received the Nikon GP-1, a GPS recorder:

    I just wanted to share some details and early experiences with you. I would obviously prefer a built-in GPS tracker but I found this accessory to be a good second best for my D7000. You connect this device with a cable between the unit and your camera's remote release connector. This is how it is powered, it has no batteries of its own.

    The tracker itself can be mounted either to the flash shoe or to the camera's neck strap, it comes with a special clip for it. That's what I did. This way the device does not occupy the flash shoe. If you have a wired remote control, you can use both the tracker and the remote control because the tracker has an output for that. I'd recommend a wireless remote control anyway.

    Using it is extremely simple. Just turn your camera on and watch the LED until it is green, it will then have a GPS "fix". Initially this will take between 20 and 40 seconds, however, after that it will continuously update its position and you can shoot right away. Even if you'd switch off your camera, it will keep collecting data for 3 hours so that you'll have a quick "fix" the moment you start shooting again.

    GPS location will not work indoors and in other GPS-hostile locations, but that is what can be expected. Given a GPS fix, the device will automatically write the coordinates and a UTC timestamp to your files, which can then be read by photo programs and websites that support it, of which JungleDragon is one :)

    There's two cons to this solution that I can live with, but that should be mentioned.

    - The little "flap" that gives access to your camera's output connector will be open during usage. This could be a problem in rought circumstances.

    - It is pricey. I've watched at cheaper solutions but prefer to keep my gear consistent, and I found other solutions to have some cons as well.

    Based on my experiences so far, I can recommend this tracker if geotagging is important for you.
    Replied 8 years ago

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