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  1. Hey everybody!

    So I know that lenses can be very expensive, and when you are trying to work on a budget, there isn't much of a workaround. But you can still find good lenses for a low price with a bit of hunting. Sigma sells a 70-300mm APO DG telephoto lens which I think is way better (and cheaper) then canon's equivalent (The 75-300mm lens). Yes, Sigma's lens does work for Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax, and even some Samsung cameras. Sigma's lens has a macro feature built into it which has a 1:2 ratio, putting it half way into becoming a true macro lens which I think is awesome! The telephoto is also very good, although with every other lens, gets quite dark at 300mm because the maximum aperture is f/5.6. But other than that, it makes an amazing, low-budget telephoto lens. It's a lot better than canon's in many ways:
    -There's little to no color fringing, whereas canon's lens has monstrous fringing.
    -The price difference is about $100 (Canon 75-300: $250, Sigma 70-300mm:$149)
    -Canon doesn't have a macro feature

    One thing I should point out about sigma's lens is that to get into macro mode, you first have to be in the 200-300mm zoom range, then you can flick the switch. To go back into normal mode, you have to focus in all the way. Other than that, it makes a great lens. If you are interested in buying it, here is a link:

    Hope this helps you all wanting to get some telephoto lens!
    Replied 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
  2. Great tip, Antonio. Before, I have been using a Sigma 150-500mm for years. It never disapointed. Replied 4 years ago

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