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  1. I would like to share with you my experience with a very comfortable and reliable multi-camera harness.
    I always carry with me two cameras - one with telezoom lens 70-200 mm with 1.4x extender and one with 100 mm macro lens (apart from short zoom lens and some accessories in my backpack). Also I carry a pair of binoculars. I always have had problems with the cameras hanging on my shoulders or neck for longer time. Usually the one with the telezoom was hanging on my neck and after some time I felt very uncomfortable, with neck ache and cramps. The strap of the other camera permanently used to slip down from my shoulder and I had to adjust it any couple of minutes. You can imagine what was going on when I wanted to shoot from a law point of view, to knee or lay down, etc.
    To make the long story short - I looked for a better solution and found the following:
    For me it was one of the best choices I've done. I use the THE “DPH“ DOUBLE PLUS HARNESS STEEL & BEAR
    I have both cameras attached and my binoculars as well. I have adjusted the stripes so even when I knee down to shoot with one of them, the other one doesn't touch the ground. When I lay down (I do it very often, believe me), I just put one of the cameras next to me and shoot with the other without removing the harness and the backpack from my back. Sometimes I carry the telezoom camera attached to the tripod, but even then the other camera is hanging on the harness - I really do not feel it's weight. Perfect gear. And something very important - I can react almost immediately to shoot with any of the cameras depending on the situation. If you don't need the harness, if you use one camera, than the SNIPER-STRAP THE "STEEL" is the best solution.
    I tell you all this just because I am very happy I use this gear.
    Replied 5 years ago, modified 5 years ago
  2. Great tip, Jivko! Definitely a solution when handling multiple cameras.

    For my heavy lens, I personally use the very popular Black Rapid neck strap:

    It basically moves the weight from your neck to your shoulder, making even the heaviest lens feel weightless. It does not however, prevent a lens from touching the ground like the solution your propose.

    Where do you put your tripod, on your back?
    Replied 5 years ago
  3. Definitely something I am going to have to look at as I usually go out with two cameras and have the same problems.Thank you both! Replied 5 years ago
  4. There is something else with the Sniper straps - the attachment knob to the camera is made such a way, that the strap never get twisted during the walk and you can quickly raise the camera to the eye level and shoot. Replied 5 years ago

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