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  1. Just purchased a new Nikon D7100 to replace a D5100 that was only 6 months old but I had focusing issues with it, turns out to be a manufacturer AF defect that all my research prior to buying it didn't turn up. I'm extremely happy with the D7100 and look forward to taking pics starting tomorrow. I also bought a Sigma 70-200mm 1:2.8 EX DG OS HSM as a 70-200mm was one of the lens missing from my arsenal due to the price. I love the lens, but it's a beast weighs in at a whopping 3.2lbs. Looking forward to taking some low light shots that my other gear couldn't handle. Sorry but you know getting new gear is like Christmas to a photographer. Now (heavy sigh) to work my way through the 350 page manual on new camera. :) Replied 5 years ago, modified 5 years ago
  2. Danny, that is a fine list of equipment! A 70-200mm lens is still on my wishlist and a 2.8 (in stead of a 4) is a very good choice. Have tons of fun with your new powertoys, and show us the results of the fruit of your labour:)
    Replied 5 years ago
  3. An excellent choice, Danny! I have the D7000, the predecessor of the D7100, and it really think that camera hits a sweet spot in functionality, versatility and price. Sounds like you got a great zoom lens as well. Best of luck with it! Replied 5 years ago
  4. Well done Danny, I know what it is like to get new toys, I am like a child! Good luck with the new gear, I know nothing about Nikon but I am sure you will have lots of fun! Loving your recent photos by the way! Replied 5 years ago
  5. Thanks to all. I promise you will see the fruits of my labor soon enough, It is after all Spring and there are lots of birds and Bugs(we so love IDing) to shoot. Replied 5 years ago
  6. ID-ing is both a shared joy and pain, Danny :) It's our community sport. Soon though you will impress your friends by telling the binomial name of a random bug you encounter. Replied 5 years ago
  7. My family already refers to me as the "bird guy" and continually ask me to identify species they are unfamiliar with. LOL which is 90%. Replied 5 years ago
  8. I have an uncle that has been keeping birds all his life. Still he cannot identify even the most common species outside the one he keeps himself. It's pretty easy to "rise" above the average species knowledge so it seems. Or, as the dutch say, in the land of the blind, one-eye is king. Replied 5 years ago
  9. Could agree more. Replied 5 years ago

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