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  1. Why hasn't there been a photography contest since 2016? I know there are promoted, favorites and popular images but why not a single photo prominently posted for a month on the home page? No money give-a-way, just a few bragging rights.

    How about a contest with a specific limiting theme like, abstracts in plants or animals, best insect wings, scariest creepy crawly, extreme macro, etc. using a rubric designed to equitably score the photo using objective factors such as focus, lighting, creativity, framing (rule of third), s-curve, leading lines, focal points, patterns, color, texture, juxtaposition or opposites, etc.

    As always, they must meet minimum qualifications such as identified as best as possible to species and common name, with geotagging, hi-res and meta-data.

    This will encourage photographers to go beyond their comfort zone of subjects and techniques, enliven less engaged photographers and reward new unseen images and photographers.
    Replied 9 days ago

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