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  1. Friends,

    This weekend will not be a great weekend for JungleDragon. We're facing some technical issues and there will be some downtime expected. Details:

    - Scheduled processes are currently not running. This means emails are not being sent out. A few other background processes are also not running.
    - Even if email would be sent out (it currently isn't), some emails providers are blocking JD notifications, this is under investigation
    - We need to do some upgrades on the server, which will mean some downtime is coming where JD is not available at all (Sunday night)

    What does this mean for you:
    - No email notifications at all this weekend
    - Rest of the site is operational, you can continue posting if you want
    - Best to stop posting around Sunday evening

    Downtime is planned for Sunday midnight CET. We will make a backup before doing our maintenance so it's advised to stop posting after Sunday afternoon CET. The length of the downtime is not exactly known, it could be quick or hopefully a few hours maximum.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Replied 7 months ago, modified 7 months ago
  2. Hi Ferdy, thanks for the thoughtful heads-up and good luck on getting the maintenance done!
    Thanks again - a LOT - for all the time and effort you put into making JD available to all of us. You're a hero :o)
    Cheers! Arp
    Replied 7 months ago
  3. No problem and good luck with the fixes! ;-) Replied 7 months ago
  4. Thanks for the understanding and support :) Replied 7 months ago
  5. Thanks for the update, Ferdy! Replied 7 months ago
  6. Thanks for all your efforts, Ferdy! Replied 7 months ago
  7. Update...

    The server update process was stressful but looks successful. We took down JungleDragon around 11:30 PM CET and brought it back up around 5 AM CET. We had to improvise a few hours of nightly coding to get things working again. Hats off to Bas Peters who has been sponsoring hosting of JD all these years and who also had to skip a night to make this possible.

    Some practical information:

    - Although we did make a backup before starting this hairy technical process, no data has been impacted, so everything should be there with no data lost.

    - We believe we tested most functionality but it could be that we missed something. If you see a blank screen or a cryptic error on some pages, please do let me know by replying to this thread.

    - JungleDragon had not been sending notifications for a few days, so possibly you may have gotten a few dozen at once.

    As for some email services blocking JungleDragon emails, this is a separate issue. We hope the upgrade helps in this regard but we're still watching impact. For me, it looks like email is arriving in Gmail. It would really help if you post your email service and let me know if you're getting notifications.
    Replied 7 months ago
  8. No inconvenience at all. Thanks for your hard work! Replied 7 months ago
  9. I’m getting notifications in AOL. Awesome job, Ferdy and Bas! Thank you ❤️. Replied 7 months ago
  10. I received an error message when trying to comment on this post:

    The first error message was a white screen with this:

    The second error message was a white screen with this:

    My third attempt to comment was successful though...BUT, when I tried to promote the photo, I again got a blank, white screen with the word 'SAVE' at the top.
    Replied 7 months ago, modified 7 months ago
  11. Hi Christine, I think that was me debugging some more errors on the website. So these cryptic messages were very temporary. Commenting and promoting photos should work now without any issues. Thanks for reporting though Replied 7 months ago
  12. Another error message when trying to create a new species record for this:
    Lycoperdon flavotinctum This puffball was quite large - about 6 cm wide.  It had the consistency of a toasted marshmallow.<br />
<br />
Habitat: Mixed forest<br /> Fall,Geotagged,Lycoperdon flavotinctum,United States,lycoperdon,puffball

    The error message said: "This page isn’t working. is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500"
    Replied 7 months ago
  13. Okay, phew! Thanks Bas :) Replied 7 months ago
  14. Thanks for reporting, Christine. If these errors re-surface please do comment here. Replied 7 months ago
  15. No prob :) Replied 7 months ago
  16. I just noticed it now. Replied 7 months ago

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