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  1. Hi to all those who work endlessly behind the scenes.
    I really don't want to be nagging, but it is getting on my nerves. Why can I scoop up 4 coordinates for my locations in google maps but JD does the above, with the same nearby place name?
    Since the new security update it seems to be worse.
    it takes about 5 minutes to upload a 3MB picture, but geotagging it takes about 20 mins.
    Usually one has to restart it about 5 times. I'd rather be looking for an ID in that time. It really often keeps me off uplaoding more than one pic

    OK end of rant

    what about a little dialogue box.. put your coordinates in here
    | 10.8379308,-85.705111 |
    job done. So that one can just look it up in google maps or Waze and type it in, same syntax as google uses?

    It would make our uploading procedure so much easier
    PLEASE don't tell me it is fast on your computer. Believe me , my computer is not the problem, it is sloooooooow from any computer.
    Replied 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
  2. hi Annette,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling so much with this still. I don't believe that your computer is the problem, rather it is your network connection. The upload speed you describe is around 10KB/s, this is slower than dial-in in the 1990s. It is a few hundred times (!) slower to an average broadband connection. By comparison, I typically upload 10MB files and barely notice that they upload, they are almost instantly uploaded and done.

    I'm not saying this to make you feel bad about your connection, I just like to point out how incredibly thin your connection is and that this likely is the root of your problem.

    Another possible cause is that on the geotag screen, your other markers are also loaded, which in your case are more than 2,000. Combined with poor network speed, I expect that to be the issue.

    In the meanwhile, I have some workarounds for you. The simplest and quickest is to only set the country, by picking it from the list, instead of doing a detailed geotag. Perhaps you may not like this option, but if it saves you 20 mins, it could be a good way out. From JungleDragon's perspective, the country is the most important location fact, not the detailed location in the country. We value geotag info over only a country, but a country is good enough.

    A better workaround is to keep geotagging, yet do it outside of JungleDragon. I recommend this to everybody, not just to people with network issues. Location information should be part of your image file. This way, if you upload it to another website or look at it in a desktop program, the location info will still be there. By geotagging inside JungleDragon, you don't have that advantage.

    So, I strongly recommend to geotag your file BEFORE uploading, and then JungleDragon will automatically detect those geotags. This is a win-win situation. The preferable way is to do hardware geotagging, for example if your camera supports it or by using an external tracker device, even your phone can be used for that. You can also do it via software, for example in Lightroom or Picasa. Whether you do it via hardware or software, in both cases it will be far more efficient than manually geotagging on a map over a slow connection. And as said, the location info will then be part of your file, which is vastly superior in every way.
    Replied 2 years ago
  3. thank you.
    one thing you made not notice on your superfast connection... it actually takes longest from saving.... to Saved!

    I have tried an ipad app a friend uses in Europe for geotagging.. the problem is while my connection is bad at home it is non existent in the jungle. In other words supply drivers and technicians like Octavio all use radio instead of phone. So it has to be done by hand I'm afraid.
    Nikon cameras don't have built in GPS. I have had a D1h, D2x, D3, Still have D3x and D4 which I consider to be top models and I can assure you even the D800E a friend has hasn't got it although it is newer than my D4.
    Replied 2 years ago
  4. It is quite strange that going from saving to saved takes so long, since that operation is actually quite minimal. All it does it send a few bytes to the JungleDragon server (the coordinates), after which a simple save in the database is done. Not sure why that takes so long for you.

    I know that high-end Nikon models don't have GPS, much to my annoyance. For this reason I've been using this unit for a few years now:

    It's relatively expensive but it does work for me, even in the most remote places. It consumes a fair amount of battery, but I'm always in a dual battery setup anyway. The unit works automatically and will insert the GPS coordinates into the image file itself without action on your behalf. Next, I upload to JungleDragon, where those in-file coordinates are detected. All in all a super smooth workflow that takes zero effort. I can recommend it, if it fits your budget.

    If not, the next option I'd recommend would be doing it in Lightroom.
    Replied 2 years ago
  5. I've had a similar experience just tonight. I've found tonight that the I have to "save" the geotag, stop the page, reload the page, and submit the geotag again. The second time around the geotag loads up as quickly as normal, even though the first attempt stalls. Replied 2 years ago
  6. Detailed geotagging has sometimes actually finished at the server but not apparently at the client. If you wait a reasonable amount then hit page back it can show up as done. Replied 2 years ago
  7. Today everything is working normally for me. Replied 2 years ago
  8. Thanks for the additional input. This week I did experience tiny hiccups across the site, for example also when posting a comment. It would happen for example 1 in 20 times only. The very likely reason is multiple uploads in process at the same moment you are performing your action. An image upload, depending on the image size, is a very heavy process, technically speaking. JungleDragon does a laundry list of things in that process and will do it at multiple files in parallel, and for each file it will work on 6 image formats, all in real-time. Normally this should not interfere with other processes, but it can if multiple people are uploading.

    I don't think it explains Annette's problem though, which is consistent, not irregular.
    Replied 2 years ago
  9. hi all,

    Great news, I believe I have solved your geotagging frustrations. Annette's remark that going from "Saving..." to "Saved" took the most time was a very useful clue. I could reproduce that issue on my end, even on a fast network connection.

    I researched several technical directions and came to unexpected conclusions. It actually has nothing to do with connection speed, it is because of the way the other markers are loaded on the map. When you open the geotag screen, it loads all your other personal markers, as a helper to find previous locations. This in itself was not the problem, the problem was in the way I was initializing those markers.

    Anyway, on my end I went from 7-15 seconds to faster than the blink of an eye to go from "Saving..." to "Saved". I hope you have the same positive outcome? And by the way, your personal markers are still there, so we did not sacrifice any functionality.

    Thank you for reporting,
    Replied 2 years ago

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