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  1. We leave in 3 weeks to go to Malaysia... nothing is booking for when we arrive yet, so if you have any good/bad experiences for wildlife'ing there, give me a shout! I always value 1st hand knowledge! :)


    Replied 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
  2. hi John,

    That's an exciting outlook! We went there a few years ago, and I can definitely recommend the following:

    - Should you land in Kuala Lumpur, this city has one of the best aviaries in the world. We visited it to kill some time before transiting to Borneo, but it blew our mind.

    - I recall Mulu NP as absolutely incredible, unique caves, landscapes, jungle, birds, snakes, all of it.

    Not sure how much you're into macro photography, but insect life is ridiculous in Malaysia. Everything insect seems 5 times bigger. Most other tours we did were by boat, which is challenging for photography.
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  3. Thanks Ferdy! Trying to get everything in order! :) Might have to borrow me a macro lens then! :) Replied 2 years ago
  4. Redang (island) was very good. I wasn't doing the wildlife thing then, but I imagine it being very good. The snorkeling trips were awesome. Take lots of bread with you for snorkeling. Hold the bread in front of you, and you will get swamped by fish.

    Replied 2 years ago
  5. That brings back memories, Dave. We did do snorkeling around a reef, not sure if it was the same island. Incredible, I'm not really a diver, so I constantly bounce between fascination and fear with this underwater life. Replied 2 years ago
  6. Thanks for the advice by the way... :) was taken on board! :)

    Any gear suggestions? I know in dense jungle my 500mm is not always useful. Any thoughts?
    Replied 2 years ago
  7. Well, in a beautiful country like Malaysia I would personally bring it all. Our trip had a lot of boat rides where a 500mm is not only useful, it's pretty much a requirement. Malaysia has an amazing insect life, not sure if that's your thing, if so a macro would be nice or a small zoom up to 200mm.

    I guess it really depends on what you're going to visit.
    Replied 2 years ago
  8. Hi john,

    there are quite a lot of place for nature photography in Malaysia, and since i'am local (malaysian) may i suggest some of interesting places.

    1. If u stay in Kuala Lumpur for a day or two, you can go to Dark Cave Malaysia (, located in Batu Caves. It is a conservation cave where they conduct a guided tour. It is home to one of our unique spider, the Trapdoor Spider (Liphistius Batuensis). Expected to have a one hour well informed guided tour into the cave full of bats and cave dwelling insects. If you go to Batu Caves, just went up the tall stair and you can see the entrance on the left side (a bit hidden).

    2. You can also go to the Ulu Muda Rainforest located in the North of Malaysia. ( You may enjoy the nature camp in the forest and if you are lucky you may able to view animals such as hornbills, elephant, otters, river lizards, a lot of insects and spiders. It is pretty far, around 5 to 6 hour drive from KL and another 45 minutes - 1 hour on a boat.

    Basically these 2 are the places that i can recommend. There are a lot more, but i found these places is quite unique and not much advertise had been done to promote them. Hope you enjoy your stay in Malaysia.
    Replied 2 years ago
  9. I follow John on Facebook and I think he's already on his trip. He does seem to check in to FB sometimes so I'll be sure to forward your tips to him. Replied 2 years ago
  10. I have been in Malaysia 4 times and here are my hints ... btw I still haven't finished.
    The bird park, yes. Also the butterfly park for those that you missed.
    If you stay in the west like Klang or in Kota Damansara try Kota Damansaras totally neglected public park. I found 15 species of Odonata and at least 20 butterflies in there, no kidding.
    Go towards Ulu Yam and visit Sungai Tua park on the way, wonderful habitat for more dragons and flutterbies, amazing stick insects and lovely birds with a bit of luck. Check out the big rain tree in Ulu Yam for hornbills.
    Further in Selangor, Kuala Selangor NP. Fantastic waterbirds and other marine wildlife, great lotus ponds and 1,000,000 mozzies. The further north you get I can recommend exploring round Ipoh and Taiping.
    If you want to go to really rural wonderful rice paddies and more wildlife go to Perlis, take a cheap hotel in Arau and relax and explore. It is quite and every forest is full of wildlife.
    In the south i didn't get further than NW Johor, if you get there there is the HERBS PARADISE. they have a wonderful farmstay for their huge medicinal plant farm, best plants ever.

    on the east side I can strongly recommend inner Terrenganu and the hilly side of Kelantan. Perak is full of possibilities, just go to a pub and ask the locals. Kelantan coast is a waste of time, full of industry, rubbish and holiday complexes.
    We spent a wonderful 3 days in Gunung Stong NP in one of their chalets. One of the ladies was so chuffed that I managed to speak a bit of Malay she went out of her way to tell me everything about plants and birds round there.
    any questions please send me a message or whatsapp +506 88283705
    Replied 2 years ago
  11. PS I took my 200-400 4x to Malaysia it was extremely useful. Malay dragons are fast. Replied 2 years ago
  12. Great advice all... In Kuching right now having a great time! This is a ad hoc holiday, we don't even know where we are staying in 2 nights time! And all with a 1 year old baby! :) Replied 2 years ago
  13. Thanks for checking in, John. You're quite adventurous, enjoy! Replied 2 years ago

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