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  1. I've been a little scarce the last week or so, because I've finally gotten to work on a big house project. I'm quite excited that this is all coming together so I feel like sharing :p
    I spent most of my off work days putting all this in. 3.5 days to lay all the stone, 2 more to grout it whew! But I'm thrilled with the way it looks and am now putting in my cedar paneling order for the top of the walls.
    Replied 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
  2. Whoa, what is going on here? What kind of house will be this, a little context? Replied 2 years ago
  3. lol - this is a remodeling project. It's the large bathroom in my existing house. We've had this planned for ages, but it's finally coming together and should be ready for bathing in a month or two. We've had a big japanese style cedar soaking tub just waiting for an appropriate space to place it in, but we've been doing all the work ourselves so it's been a long process. My husband did all of the prep work - reinforcing the floor, putting in the subfloor, plumbing and waterproof tile backer. I get to do all of the planning, run around and do the purchasing and put on the finishing touches. He may be the one who has to do the paneling though. I'm not sure how heavy a nail gun is and if I can hold one up very long. I've done wood flooring with a pneumatic nailer before, but you don't have to hold that up over your head. Replied 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago
  4. Well, it looks amazing, and I think you're being intentionally modest in how handy you are. Also, nice touch, that dragonfly :) Replied 2 years ago
  5. My parents purchased the handmade art tiles for me as a gift. I think they make a nice accent. There are few scattered around - fireflies and ginkgo leaves mostly. Replied 2 years ago
  6. ooooh - we are so much closer. We've finished the cedar paneling and all of the trim work and moved the bathtub in. It looks awesome. Technically we could fill it and have a bath :) - though the powder room area next door isn't done.
    Replied 2 years ago
  7. Fantastic. Just looking at it calms me down. Much better than the pale all-white rooms in most modern homes. Replied 2 years ago
  8. Nice... :) Just moved house... gives me ideas! :) Replied 2 years ago
  9. lol - I could tell you about how much work it was and it might change your mind :p - but really, I've been a bit under the weather for most of the week and soaking in that tub has been heavenly. It sounds a little strange, but it smells wonderful. It's cedar, but like cedar on steroids. It soft and super comfy to sit in. The heat retention in the water is simply amazing. It loses about 10F in 24 hours - so if the water is 95F when you put the lid on it'll still be 85F the next night - just let a bit out, top it off with fresh hot and you're all set. Since you wash before you get in, we'll only have to completely empty it occasionally to give it a little clean out and be sure it doesn't get funky. After experiencing one you'll wonder why anyone ever decided to make tubs out of cold hard materials like ceramic or iron (or fiberglass these days). Replied 2 years ago
  10. That sounds fantastic! :) But i think you a correct regarding time/effort.. it was tough enough to move in somewhere with a 1 year old... a project like this, no matter how wonderful it sounds, would probably be an exercise in frustration! :) Hope you're feeling better, and if not, enjoy the smell! :) Replied 2 years ago

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