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  1. hi all,

    As some of you know from my earlier teaser, I'm in the concept phase of the next version of JungleDragon V5. This is a very early phase in which I'm trying out new concept, just as static examples, to showcase design ideas.

    In the previous teaser, there was some confusion regarding what a template page is, it was mistaken for a photo page. In this second teaser, I'll try to clear that up by showing the concept design of an imaginary photos page (a list of photos, which you see all over the place in JungleDragon), and a species page, showing lists of species. Things demonstrated:

    - Overall page layout: site menu, large header image, navigation bar, list of items, pagination, site footer
    - List of photos as thumbnails
    - List of species shown as tall cards
    - Smarter navigation by combining related options
    - Smarter pagination
    - Excellent large desktop support

    Here's the link:

    Eager for your feedback,

    Replied 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago
  2. Looking great so far.

    The pagination looks great. Having both page numbers and a big "next page" button is a great idea.
    Two possible improvements...
    1. If there are more than 5 pages of content, the "next page" button should be smaller (on larger screens) and you should show more pages. Having it take up 50% of the page width I think would be the best middle ground (except in cases where there are too few pages for the page numbers to need all of the other 50%) .
    2. Having "MORE" right next to 5 would make me think that clicking the button would go to page 6, or expose some kind of control that would let me pick from page 6 and beyond. I think that using something like "Next Species Page" might make it more clear.

    Having a hero above the lists looks nice, but I would stick to only putting them on Page 1 of any list page. If somebody is on page 2 (or later) of a list, what they care about is the list, so that should be right up front as soon as those pages load.

    Species Cards look great, but I think there is a little too much white-space below the scientific name. I'd recommend having approximately the same amount of whitespace between the bottom edge of the scientific name and the bottom edge of the card as you put between the bottom edge of the emblem and the top of the common name.

    The Site Menu looks squished in a bit compared to the navigation bar. I would keep their left and right edges aligned.
    I would also move all the menu items closer together, more like you had in the first teaser. Moving them to the right though might be better, so they're closer to the Search than the logo.
    It might also be better to make Search the right-most option, and put Sign In option in between "More" and "Forum" (and style it like the Menu Items instead of a button).
    Also, I'd keep "Upload" out of the "More" menu, even when a user isn't signed in.
    Replied 3 years ago
  3. Love the look of V5.
    At a high (and simple) level I would like to see some small, dynamic but subtle indication that the site is alive and inviting a click. Maybe like a tiny (ticker?) area which scrolls or melts through the last few activities.. or promoteds.. and refreshes itself every few minutes or so...
    Replied 3 years ago
  4. @Joe, thanks for the excellent feedback, some responses:

    - Pagination: fully agree. The amount of pages shown will be dynamic. This prototype has no database attached so this is just a static situation to demonstrate it. I'll think about the best label to show in the "more" button, I agree it needs to be clear.

    - Hero image: yes they are nice but take up a lot of space, so I'll be careful when to show it. I'm also thinking of perhaps not showing them when signed in.

    - The species cards are enforced into a 2:3 ratio so they always have this size. If the width changes due to your browser window, the height automatically changes by the above ratio. There is indeed some room below the scientific name that I may fill up. Or I may not, having some breathing space in the design may also be nice, tough call.

    - The items in the site menu are distributed based on space available, it's an experiment (using Flexbox), that indeed does not always look nice. It's a bit of a balancing act, the overall design is more touch-friendly than before due to the spacing, but I'll definitely spend lots more time on the site menu since it is so important.

    - The sign in button is to the right for a reason: when signed in, your avatar will show there with a dropdown, as is common on many sites. That said, I agree that both the sign in and upload button should be visible in a logical place.

    Thanks once again for the review!

    Replied 3 years ago
  5. @Mark: thanks for your input. Interesting idea that in the world of web development is a bit controversial since usability studies suggest that some people hate anything that moves on a web page. To be considered :) Replied 3 years ago
  6. Agree completely for 'some' people. But I think the secret lies in subtlety.
    I think it has also been a driver behind the success of many sites... including Farcebook and Twits.
    Maybe the user could choose to switch it off.
    Replied 3 years ago

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