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  1. Dear friends of nature,

    JungleDragon and its community care deeply about wildlife and the conservation thereof. To put those words into action, we donate to wildlife charity for every 1,000 valid photos shared on the site and for every 1,000 species added.

    We've passed the following milestones since the last donation round:

    - 31,000 photos
    - 32,000 photos
    - 33,000 photos
    - 7,000 species

    That means the budget for this donation round is 400 USD, and I'm asking for your input on how to best spend it to help conserve nature. I'm all ears for your ideas. Please do consider the following guidance to come to valid donation ideas:

    - You should not be personally affiliated with the charity
    - The charity should be legitimate: registered and have a decent reputation in helping conservation
    - You are encouraged to share multiple ideas, I'm thinking of doing 2-4 donations from this budget
    - The charity should have easy payment methods (preferably Paypal)

    Finally, I'm also hoping for some creativity, to go beyond the classic iconic species, and to find the largely ignored other species that are equally suffering, yet get no attention.

    Thank you in advance for your input. I'll mention this thread in the newsletter tomorrow so that more people see it.


    Replied 3 years ago, modified 2 years ago
  2. Here's a definitely not cute and cuddly and lesser known candidate - the gharial - a type of crocodile that lives only in India and Nepal. The organization is a small one - it looks to be perhaps one or two people, but the website is well done and very organized.

    Replied 3 years ago
  3. Looks like a sound suggestion morpheme, duly noted. Replied 3 years ago
  4. I support this nomination. Sounds like a very good cause as it seems to be wanting to conserve the ecology of the place. I have little trust in the government's conservation plans. Replied 3 years ago
  5. @Leuba: Thank you Leuba for the feedback. Do you have additional donation suggestions of your own? We're looking to donate to split the budget across 2-4 donation targets. Replied 3 years ago

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