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  1. Any one dan tell me where can i download the red list data from IUCN? I try to download from their own page, but its not work. Thankyou before... Replied 9 months ago, modified 9 months ago
  2. The only way to get it is from the IUCN directly here:

    After clicking any of the links on that page, you'll be taken to a page with a "Click to start download" button. After clicking that button, you'll be shown a "Request Data" form, where you need to fill out what you want to use the data for. This form will sometimes just appear without needing to click the "Cick to start download" button. After you fill out this form, I'm not sure what happens, because I've never filled it out (because I have no reason for the Red List data beyond just occasionally looking up individual species, which I can do on their site already).

    The "Mammals" link appears to currently be broken and will cause your browser to download the HTML for the page instead of taking you to it. You can use this link instead to get around this issue:

    If you notice this for any other link, you can also get around this by right-clicking on the link, selecting "Copy link address" (that is what it is called in Chrome, it may be slightly different in other browsers), and then pasting the link address into the address bar.
    If you're still having issues, the IUCN has a big blue "feedback" button on the right side of the page... click that to send them an email to ask for help (JungleDragon is in no way affiliated with the IUCN, and I don't think any of the members are either, so there's not much anyone here can do to help).
    Replied 9 months ago

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