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  1. I just deployed a small change to JungleDragon:

    At JungleDragon, identifying species on your photos is essential. If you do not do it yourself, others will try to do it, or bug you about it. Thanks to this regime and the tireless work of volunteers, 87% of JungleDragon photos have a species identified. Species identification works as follow:

    - In the "identify species" dialog, you search for the species name. In about 90% of cases, your species name will be matched, and identification is successful.
    - In 10% of cases, species identification fails, for one of two reasons:
    1. there is no Wikipedia page for the species, in this case you can request manual species creation from the same dialog
    2. the name was in fact not a valid species name. For example, a "Bear" is not a species, it's a group of species

    I have noticed that some new users misunderstand the manual species creation request, in 2 ways:
    - It is used when it is not needed, when automatic species creation would work just fine
    - It is used for general terms like "Bear", which is not a species

    This particular misuse is annoying, since it emails moderators each time, whilst the moderator cannot really create the species, since the request was either not needed or not valid. To improve on this situation, I've made the following changes to the species identification dialog:

    - The two "exception" options (identification not relevant and request manual species creation) are tucked away behind an "advanced" panel.
    - If the advanced panel is opened, the request manual species creation option is now a simple text link, not a shiny button
    - If you would click manual species creation, a 2nd dialog pops up asking for the species name to be created, this dialog now has a more clear explanation

    The idea behind this change is to better guide users and to have less elements competing for attention. I hope and think that this should reduce unneeded manual species creation requests.
    Replied 7 years ago, modified 7 years ago

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