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Call for action for Australia

The raging bush fires in Australia have devastated people and wildlife in unprecedented ways. A human disaster as well as an ecological disaster, and a naturalist's worst nightmare given Australia's unique wildlife.

Our hearts go out to our Australian friends, and we want to show support by means of a few humble actions:

  • We will run a call for action banner across the site for several days
  • We will run a 2 day homepage takeover where only Australian wildlife photos get promoted
  • We will explore additional ways to call for attention via social channels and our newsletter
  • JungleDragon will commit to make a 200 USD donation start

How to help

Please consider the following video made with love by JungleDragon moderator Christine Young and her husband David Young:

Donation links

Consider donating what you can, even if a small amount. Any bit helps. Whilst you are free to donate to a cause of your choice, the following are highly recommended:

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife
WWF Australia

Whether you can donate or not, in any case it is most helpful to make noise. Tell your friends and family, share the cause via social channels, please.

Australian wildlife

As a reminder of what is at stake, we encourage you to explore thousands of wonderful wildlife photos taken in Australia and a collection of over 1,800 species documented in Australia. A tiny subset of the vast and unique biodiversity found in Australia.